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Chappell Speaks at International Conference

April 11, 2018

Dr. Whitney Chappell recently presented her research at the International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics, held at Queens College in New York. Her presentation, entitled “Mexican listeners’ evaluations of [v] in native, heritage, and L2 speech”, showed that Mexican listeners perceive [v], e.g. [v]ino, as a hyperarticulation strategy evaluated positively in women’s speech and negatively in men’s speech. Additionally, she shows that Mexican listeners’ negative attitudes towards heritage speech are apparent after a single sentence, highlighting the linguistic discrimination faced by many bilinguals in the United States.

Chappell is Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at UTSA and the advisor for the Graduate Certificate in Linguistics. She specializes in sociophonetic variation across monolingual and bilingual dialects of Spanish and languages in contact with Spanish. Her research sheds light on how different phonetic realizations are used to encode meaning and negotiate identity within a broader social setting, contributing to our understanding of sociolinguistics, phonetics, and dialectology.  

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