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5 tips for learning a language

September 27, 2016

Have you ever been in a situation where you “look like you speak Spanish” but you really don’t or perhaps you’ve been sitting at your desk for about an hour and still have no idea what your French exam is saying? What if there was an easier, quicker, and more efficient way of learning a new language?

Here’s a list of 5 simple ways you can master any language you desire to learn:


1. Immerse yourself.

               *Disclaimer:  you may accidentally learn a new culture along with the language.*

To immerse yourself in a new language, means to overexpose yourself to it. If you’re learning Japanese, expose yourself to its culture and go have some sushi. While you’re enjoying your favorite roll, get on your phone and look up the history of sushi in Japan. As you read you will be more intrigued to learn about the Japanese way of life, because ultimately, culture influences language.

2. Label your home.

Take all the sticky notes from the office and start labeling different objects in your house. As you walk around, you’ll eventually learn that “puerta” is door  and that your pet goldfish is not a “pájaro”

You may even become so fluent, you won’t remember what “gato” in English is.


3. Befriend and practice with a native speaker.

That’s right, go buy youself a translating dictionary or download a translating application on your phone. Make friends with native speakers and use your translating tools to help you speak at a better flow.

 It’ll come in handy when you finally visit Italy and you’re able to converse with the handsome guy who came up to you instead of just smiling and nodding.


4. Watch foreign movies.

There’s a variety of foreign movie options on Netflix. But an easier way would be choosing a movie you have already seen and watch it with English subtitles. Perhaps your favorite Disney movie is is Russian! “Let it go” sounds way better as “отпусти ситуацию” (otpusti situatsiyu)


5. Listen to foreign music.

Finally, for something more “on the go” music and lyrics will help you learn at any time of the day, wherever you are. If you don’t know what K-Pop is, stop reading this article, go type it in your YouTube search engine and enjoy. You can also find out what German hip-hop is and why rappers like Sido are so cool.

click this link for the coolest K-POP ever


By: Andrea Avalos

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