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Two Spanish for Heritage Speakers Courses Now Offered

June 10, 2016

Two new courses in Spanish that are designed specifically for students who grew up with Spanish but may not have the oral and written skills of a native speaker are now being offered at UTSA.

These specialized sections fill in the gap for students who are not yet ready for upper level Spanish but are too advanced for beginning classes.

SPN 1034 and SPN 2034, Spanish for Heritage Learners I and II, are now available for students who can speak, read, and understand some Spanish but want to improve their language skills.

In addition to language skills, the courses focus on learning the culture of Spanish speaking communities in the United States.

Students will interact with other heritage speakers and work in a caring and supportive learning environment.  Rather than being intimidated in an advanced Spanish class or under-challenged in a beginning Spanish class, students will find themselves in a comfortable setting with others of similar experience.

The goals of the Spanish for Heritage Learners courses are:

  • Better  connect with culture and community in a deeper level, and help Spanish speakers in your city or in your area

  • Increase confidence when communicating with your Spanish speaking friends and family

  • Expand job opportunities by adding increased bilingual skills to your resume

SPN 1034 is offered Fall 2016 semester at 11 a.m. MWF; SPN 2034 is offered at noon MWF.  Students can register via ASAP.

For more information, contact instructors Lilian Cano and Juanita Campos or call 210-458-4373.  

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