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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Media Lab & Studio FAQ

For all students who are enrolled in MES 3333 or MES 4333


Note:  These procedures are subject to change.  Please check with Dr. Membrez and/or your class syllabus for updates.


Permissions & Access

At the beginning of the semester, each student will provide the necessary information to complete the permission form to request permission for removing equipment from campus.  The office staff will print out the forms, which have to be signed by the student, the MLL department chair, and the COLFA dean

No student can remove equipment from campus until the forms are completed and all signatures obtained.  This is a requirement of the university, not the department.

Students may be allowed to check out equipment for short-term on-campus use once the student and department chair have signed the form.

Each student who is enrolled in MES 3333 or 4333 will be given key card access to MH 3.02.04.  Students who are not enrolled in either of these classes will not be given key card access.   Key card access will end at the end of the semester.


Reserving Equipment, Studio, & iMac Time

Each student who is enrolled in MES 3333 or 4333 will be allowed to check equipment out of the media lab.  All equipment must be reserved in advance by called 458-5225 or in person in MH 3.02.02.  If you do not reserve equipment in advance there will be no guarantee that it will be available for you.

You can also view the calendar on the department’s website at to see what is available.

Equipment, studio time, and iMac time is reserved in the same way.

Each reservation should be made for the amount of time that the equipment will be in use and should include the student’s first and last names, the camera number, and the times. 

Before making a reservation, please check to make sure that the needed equipment is available at that time.

There are five cameras that can be checked out and they should be referenced by the camera number:  # 24, # 55, # 56, #113, #116


Please keep in mind that there are other classes that use the studio space, so if you need it for a project you will need to reserve it.   Please don’t assume that it will be available.


Picking Up & Returning Equipment

Equipment can only be picked up and returned during the hours the lab office is open.  You will need to bring your UTSA ID for verification, however we will not hold your ID, only photocopy it.  You will need it to get into the iMac lab.

One you have signed the green form, you are responsible for the equipment until it is returned and checked in by a lab assistant.

If the equipment is not returned when it is due, the staff has been instructed to report it to the police as stolen.

Responsibility for Equipment

Once you check out equipment and sign the green form, you are responsible for the same return of that equipment.  Please use maximum care to ensure that the equipment is not lost, stolen, or broken.  These are expensive cameras and high-theft items, so safeguard them properly.


Lab Hours & Assistants

Hours will vary and will be posted at the beginning of the semester. 

Equipment can only be checked out and returned during these hours. 

If you have been approved to check out equipment overnight, it will be allowed after you have reserved the equipment and signed the green form.

Please note that the lab assistants also take care of the PC lab and other department equipment and media.  He or she may not always be in the office.  It is always good to go around the corner and check in 3.01.16 if you can’t find anyone during regularly scheduled hours.