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Lost Time Synopsis



Time flies and if you only spend your time on foolish things, you may not notice how old you become. The boy who wasted his time was captured by wizards and he turned old. He has to go through a lot of adventures to get back into his childhood.

This is a funny and very educational musical tale, full of magical transformations that will help young children to understand universally important truths. It does not take much to waste time and to lose it, but you can only reverse the time and regain the time lost in this fairy tale.


Scene 1

Petya Zubov is at a clock repair shop asking the clock repairman to fix his alarm clock so he is always on time and is never late. Otherwise, other children will experience what has happened to him….


Scene 2

At the Classroom. The class has started, but Petya Zubov is late as usual. He shows up to class, interrupts the teacher and distracts the classmates. All the students are distracted and they start fooling around wasting their time.


Scene 3

In the forest. Some wicked wizards are in an old cottage plotting on how to steal time from young children and turn them old.

Their plan is simple: the kids that are wasting their time on doing nothing, chatting, gossiping, being late will not even notice when their time will be lost and they will get old and become decrepit men and women. In the meantime, the wizards will collect the time lost in bags and will bake magic pancakes. The wizards will start doing all sorts of harm to people. After that, the only way to break the spell is to get all the boys and girls whose time was stolen together. If the children can come to the wizards’ cottage by 12 o’clock midnight and eat these pancakes, they will become young again. They should move the clock’s hands 7 circles counterclockwise. If such is the case, they will become kids again and the wizards will vanish.

So, the wicked wizards are heading to the city to search for the kids that waste their time….


Scene 4

Two girls chatter endlessly, they chat on the phone, they play hop scotch, they play with a ball…. and they do not notice how the wicked wizards steal their time. The girls turn old…


Scene 5

Petya Zubov’s grades are far from being good – they are Fs, but he does not let that interfere with his high spirits. To get his mind off the subject, he decides to count the crows. His friend Vasya Zaitsev is skipping school as well. The boys run into each other and got into chatting and exchanging knick-knacks. They do not notice the wizards stealing their time. The boys turn old…..




Scene 1

The wicked wizards’ cottage. The wizards are preparing the Lost Time pancake mix and bake the magic pancakes. The pancakes are made and they eat the cakes and turn into young kids. They are on the way to the city to start doing all sorts of harm: to make mischief, break things and wreak havoc in the city.


Scene 2

School. Tetya Nastya, Coatroom attendant, almost fainted when she saw the elderly Petya Zubov.


Scene 3

Classroom.  The class has started. Petya does not understand the reason why all the classmates and the teacher are making fun of him, pointing at him and address him as “Grandpa”. Then he looks at himself in the mirror and sees his aged face.


Scene 4

Petya is sadly wandering around the city, and is puzzled by his transformation. He has not noticed when it happened and now he does not know what to do about it. He is rushing to his mother hoping that she will recognize him. His mother does not recognize her son and is mad at the old man who is confusing people. She threatens to call the police.


Scene 5

Meanwhile, the wicked wizards that turned into children are on top of their plan. Their mission is to call the kids in the city to do all kinds of mischief, to fool around and to vandalize. They walk into the crowd and hand out noise-making devices – rattles.


Scene 6

Petya Zubov walks into the forest so that nobody can see him. He does not want to see anybody as well. He comes across the wizards’ old cottage. A little birdie in the clock tells Petya what happened to him… Then he finds out how he can fix the situation and can regain the lost time. He learns that he can break the spell by gathering all the boys and girls whose time was stolen together. They should find each other and come together to the wizards’ old cottage at midnight. They should move the clock’s hands 7 full circles counterclockwise. If such is the case, they will become kids again and the wizards will vanish. Being late is not an option this time and Petya Zubov rushes to the city to look for kids whose time was also stolen by the wicked wizards.


Scene 7

Petya is looking for the elderly kids in the auditorium, then he finds Vasya Zaitsev and two more girls who lost their time and became old. He shares the story with them and together they rush to the forest, to the old cottage to get to the old clock. The wicked wizards who turned into young children are following them. They get into a battle with the wizards, but Petya Zubov manages to get to the clock and to rewind it 7 times counterclockwise. The wicked wizards disappear and Petya Zubov and his friends turn back into children.