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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Certificate in Linguistics

Graduate students now have an opportunity to supplement their graduate degrees with a 12-hour certificate program in linguistics which explores:

  • Bilingualism, multilingualism, and second language acquisition

  • The relationship between language and social factors (gender, age, class, ethnicity, etc.)

  • The internal structure of languages and how they change over time

  • Applied linguistics in the English or foreign language classroom


Through this certificate, students will learn to draw connections between language, culture, education, and society by engaging in the scientific and humanistic study of language. This certificate will be particularly valuable for M.A. and Ph.D. students in the Humanities and Social Sciences seeking to enhance employment credentials as college and university instructors or language professionals in corporate, non-profit, and educational settings. This certificate can also be helpful to those interested in working as editors, translators, interpreters, foreign language and English teachers at all grade levels and in colleges, in counseling and tutoring assignments in writing centers in community colleges, and as bilingual education specialists.


Certificate Advisors: