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Why Study Korean?

Korean, 한국어(Hangugeo), is the official language of Korea and is spoken by more than 77 million people worldwide. The number of Korean language learners has grown due to South Korea’s increasingly visible roles in the world economy, technological innovation, and global pop culture.

Korean as a foreign language is also of global importance in the U.S., which means there will be a high demand for Korean-English bilinguals.  Learning Korean provides new career opportunities with prominent international companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG, as well as government work in the U.S. and Korea.  In essence, the mastery of the Korean language will secure a competitive edge in any Korean-English related work field. 

Korean language can open job opportunities, earn scholarships, and allow students to study abroad.  Students can gain a greater perspective into Korean businesses and multimedia (K-Pop, K-Drama), and so much more!

The Korean alphabet, 한글(Hangeul), is one of the most scientific alphabets and is easy to learn.  Hangeul is the only alphabet in the world with historical documentation of its creation by founder, King Sejong, in the 15th century.  Hangeul is a phonetic alphabet with 24 letters and is easy to read and write.  Korean has many interesting linguistic and cultural features such as: multiple speech levels, honorific expressions, and different grammatical participles in relation to its sentence structure.

UTSA offers KOR 1014 and KOR 1024. While learning Korean, students will be introduced to a broad range of the Korean culture as well.

The Korean Club is an active UTSA student group involved in many different activities. 



Koren Faculty at UTSA

Deukhee Gong, Ph.D. Lecturer for Korean.