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Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests:

Hispanic linguistics; First, Second, and Heritage language acquisition; Spanish morphosyntax; Sociolinguistic variation; Bilingualism; Psycholinguistics; Language teaching and learning.

Dr. Requena conducts Hispanic Linguistics research on how children acquire adult-like use of their community language/s. In particular, he is interested in how monolingual and bilingual children acquire aspects of Spanish morphosyntax such as aspectual or mood distinctions, case marking, and morphosyntactic variation. For example, he conducts studies on how children learn aspectual distinctions (such as the distinction between Juan es flaco and Juan está flaco ‘John is thin’, where each Spanish verb conveys a difference in meaning) or mood selection (subjunctive mood versus indicative mood), and on how children’s use of variable phenomena (such as the variable placement of lo in lo quiero comer versus quiero comerlo, both meaning ‘I want to eat it’) becomes adult-like. In order to conduct this research, first Dr. Requena carefully investigates what the speech of adults in the community looks like in order to uncover what patterns children need to learn. Then, he analyzes child speech as recorded in naturalistic conversations that children hold with their own caregivers or he conducts experimental tasks with children in order to study children’s language production and comprehension. Dr. Requena is interested in monolingual acquisition of these aspects of language as well as in what this process of acquisition looks like in Spanish-English bilingual children in the U.S.

Other areas of research Dr. Requena is interested in include cognitive development in childhood, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, language processing, and second language acquisition and teaching.


  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, State College (2015)

  • M.A., The Pennsylvania State University, State College (2012)

  • B.A., National University of Córdoba, Córdoba Argentina (2009)

Recent Courses

Linguistics 4013: Language Teaching Methods (Spring 2021)

Spanish 4113/5903: Spanish Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics (Spring 2021)

Foreign Language 4953: Hispanic Linguistics Research (every semester)

Spanish 4113/5903: Child Language Acquisition of Spanish (Fall 2019)

Spanish 4113/5903: Child Language (Fall 2020)

Spanish 3113: Linguistic structures of Spanish (Spring 2020)

Spanish 3063: Spanish Grammar and Composition  (Fall 2020)

Spanish 3013: Spanish phonetics and pronunciation (Fall 2019)

Research in Progress

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