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Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Andrew Chapman will join the UTSA Modern Languages department in the Fall of 2021, directing the Russian program and teaching courses in Russian language as well as comparative studies in the humanities in English (under the CSH course designation). Dr. Chapman also works at UTSA as the Director of Nationally Competitive Awards and Fellowships. He advises students of any major on applications to a number of awards, including the Fulbright Student Program, the Critical Language Scholarship, and the Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad. Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Chapman for support on these awards that forward the goals of life-long language learning, experiential learning, and mutual cultural understanding through international travel.     

Dr. Chapman studied Russian in college, a language that his family once spoke before coming to the United States. After studying abroad in Russia, he became a Russian language major, and following graduation he worked in Russia in The Republic of Buryatia for an ecotourism and education non-profit organization. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, conducting research on topics in Russian literature, culture, and digital media. His research looks at how media is produced by amateur filmmakers in Russia, from drivers filming the road with their dashcams to citizen journalists covering protests on YouTube. He is the lead editor of the academic journal Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media, which features professors, graduate students, and non academics from all over the world writing about the impact of the internet and digital technology on politics, economics, society, culture and the arts in Russia, Eurasia, and Central Europe.

Before coming to UTSA in 2019, he directed the Office of Study Abroad at St. Mary’s University and taught Russian language and literature at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

Dr. Chapman is excited to meet students looking to join the Russian program at UTSA! 


  • Ph.D., Russian Literature and Culture, University of Pittsburgh (2013)
  • M.A., Russian Literature and Culture, University of Pittsburgh (2007)
  • B.A., Russian, University of Rochester (2004)

Recent Courses

  • RUS 4213/CSH 3823: Monumental Cities – St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russian Literature and Film
  • RUS 1014: Elementary Russian I 

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Before joining The University of Texas at San Antonio, Isaura Contreras Ríos received her PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of California, Los Angeles. She worked as a faculty fellow at UCLA and as an assistant professor at Earlham College.

Her research interests include Latin American and Mexican Literature in the 20th and 21th centuries, the genre of the diary, autobiography and autofiction, travel literature, and illness narratives. She is interested in diaries and autobiographical writing as spaces where one observes cultural practices and socio-political imaginaries at work in the rhetoric of intimacy. She is currently working on a book project, “El diario de escritor en la literatura latinoamericana del siglo XX,” which proposes the concept of the “diario de escritor” (“writer’s diary”) in order to systematize the presence and function of the diary in Latin America through the articulation of a critical framework that encompasses diaries published by their authors.

Isaura is also the author of the short novel La casa al fin de los días (2007) and the children’s book Un día en Kilimaján (2012). In 2010 she won the Premio Nacional de Novela Breve Rosario Castellanos with the novel Cosecha de Verano (CONECULTA).


  • PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures. University of California, Los Angeles. 2017.

  • M.A. in Letras Latinoamericanas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). 2011.

  • B.A. in Letras Españolas, Universidad de Guanajuato. 2006.       

Recent Courses


  • Creative writing (Teoría y práctica del cuento corto).

  • Introduction to textual analysis (Viaje, exilio y migración en Latinoamérica).

  • Elementary Spanish.



  • “El género autobiográfico en la literatura mexicana (diario, autobiografía y autoficción)”

  • Latin American Culture

  • Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish

Research in Progress

The current book project “El diario de escritor en la literatura latinoamericana del siglo XX” proposes the concept of the “diario de escritor” (“writer’s diary”) in order to systematize the presence and function of the diary in Latin America through the articulation of a critical framework that encompasses diaries published by their authors in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The research highlights the work of José Donoso (Chile), Eduardo Lalo (Puerto Rico), Mario Levrero (Uruguay), Augusto Monterroso (Guatemala), Alejandra Pizarnik (Argentina), Federico Gamboa, María Luisa Puga (Mexico), and Julio Ramón Ribeyro (Peru), among others. This research focus on four main topics: the reception of European diaries in Latin America; the transition of diaries from manuscripts to published works; the representations of travel and displacement in the modern city; and the metaphorical depiction of illness and corporeal fragility in writers’ diaries. Through critical examinations of pastiches, collages, and textual hybridizations in diaries, this research establishes a connection between the diary’s fragmented structure and postmodern skepticism about representations of totality and unity in art and literature.

Recent Publications

Book Chapters

  • “El diario de Julio Ramón Ribeyro entre la tentación de la crítica y la tentación de la muerte”. Memoria del Perú. Actas del VIII Congreso Internacional de Peruanistas en el Extranjero. Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana, Ed. José A. Mazzotti y Luis Abanto, Ottawa University, 2018, 123-140.

  • “La filiación literaria de los diarios de Alejandra Pizarnik”. Escrituras al margen,  Ed. by Asunción Rangel. Universidad de Guanajuato, 2013, pp. 52-85.


Edited Volumes

  • Párrafo Magazine. The Animal Issue. Editor-in-Chief (with David Ramírez). Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA, 2016.


Journal Articles

  • En camino, Taan U Xiimbal. Una video excavación de Christiane Burkhard”. Revista Tierra Adentro 186 (2013): 24-28.

  • “Cosecha de verano, novela corta y autoficción” [Essay]. Boletín 17. Centro de Estudios de Teoría y Crítica Literaria de la Universidad de Rosario, Argentina, 2013.

  • “Empatía e interpretación de la palabra ajena en algunos cuentos de José Revueltas” (co authored with Norma Angelica Cuevas), Semiosis 3.8. (2008): 31-52.

  • “Alejandra Pizarnik: acuerdo y separación”. Semiosis 2.7 (2007): 167-179.


  • Review of: Homenaje y diálogo. Norma Cuevas, Ismael Martínez and Elba Sánchez (Eds.), in Revista de Literatura Mexicana 22.1 (2011): 255-259.

  • Review of: La escritura invisible by Patricia Venti, in Semiosis 6.11 (2010): 233-236.

  • Review of: Autofagia y narración. Estrategias de representación en la narrativa iberoamericana de vanguardia by Yanna Haddaty Mora, in Semiosis. 2.5 (2007): 259-263.



  • “El poema es también una batalla incesante con el mundo: Max Rojas”. Interview with the Mexican poet Max Rojas, co-authored with Antonio Riestra. Luvina 62 (2011): 97-104.

  •  “Una charla con César Aira”. Coauthored with Abraham Sánchez and Elisa Sanchez Vizcaino. Luvina 56 (2009): 253-265.


Creative Writing Publications


  • Un día en Kilimanján [Children’s book], Mexico City: Ed. Fernandez Press, 2012. (Selected in 2014 to be part of the “Libros del Rincón” special collection for full time school libraries in Mexico)

  • Cosecha de verano [Novel], Chiapas: CONECULTA, 2010. (National Award of Short Novel Rosario Castellanos, 2010)

  • La casa al fin de los días [Novel], Guanajuato: Universidad de Guanajuato, 2007.


Literary Magazines

  •  “Mirando las ventanas” [Short story]. Revista de la Universidad de México 113 (2013): 66-68.

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests:

Hispanic linguistics; First, Second, and Heritage language acquisition; Spanish morphosyntax; Sociolinguistic variation; Bilingualism; Psycholinguistics; Language teaching and learning.

Dr. Requena conducts Hispanic Linguistics research on how children acquire adult-like use of their community language/s. In particular, he is interested in how monolingual and bilingual children acquire aspects of Spanish morphosyntax such as aspectual or mood distinctions, case marking, and morphosyntactic variation. For example, he conducts studies on how children learn aspectual distinctions (such as the distinction between Juan es flaco and Juan está flaco ‘John is thin’, where each Spanish verb conveys a difference in meaning) or mood selection (subjunctive mood versus indicative mood), and on how children’s use of variable phenomena (such as the variable placement of lo in lo quiero comer versus quiero comerlo, both meaning ‘I want to eat it’) becomes adult-like. In order to conduct this research, first Dr. Requena carefully investigates what the speech of adults in the community looks like in order to uncover what patterns children need to learn. Then, he analyzes child speech as recorded in naturalistic conversations that children hold with their own caregivers or he conducts experimental tasks with children in order to study children’s language production and comprehension. Dr. Requena is interested in monolingual acquisition of these aspects of language as well as in what this process of acquisition looks like in Spanish-English bilingual children in the U.S.

Other areas of research Dr. Requena is interested in include cognitive development in childhood, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, language processing, and second language acquisition and teaching.


  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, State College (2015)

  • M.A., The Pennsylvania State University, State College (2012)

  • B.A., National University of Córdoba, Córdoba Argentina (2009)

Recent Courses

Linguistics 4013: Language Teaching Methods (Spring 2021)

Spanish 4113/5903: Spanish Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics (Spring 2021)

Foreign Language 4953: Hispanic Linguistics Research (every semester)

Spanish 4113/5903: Child Language Acquisition of Spanish (Fall 2019)

Spanish 4113/5903: Child Language (Fall 2020)

Spanish 3113: Linguistic structures of Spanish (Spring 2020)

Spanish 3063: Spanish Grammar and Composition  (Fall 2020)

Spanish 3013: Spanish phonetics and pronunciation (Fall 2019)

Research in Progress

Visit the Language Acquisition Group website here for more information.

Recent Publications


Dr. Liang Ward has been teaching Mandarin Chinese and East Asian culture courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures since 2018. With great passion and enthusiasm for working with a diverse population of students, she has taught ESL, English, Chinese, and educational courses at colleges and universities in Mexico and the U.S. for more than five years. Specializing in K-12 and language education, she focuses her research areas on diverse populations’ difficulties and challenges in reading and literacy improvement, Chinese instruction and learning, as well as ESL/ELL education and bilingual education. She has published more than 12 research papers and conference proceedings, as well as conducted more than 50 research presentations at U.S. and international conferences. She also serves as a peer reviewer for several research associations and works as the advisor for three UTSA student organizations including the Chinese Language and Culture Club, the Taiwanese Student Association at UTSA, and the Chinese Student Association.

Dr. Ward has been working cooperatively with TECO in Houston (Taiwan government office in Houston) to provide UTSA students with study-abroad scholarships, Huayu Enrichment scholarships, and higher-education scholarships from the Taiwan government since 2018. In particular, 63 UTSA students received study-abroad scholarships to learn Chinese language and culture in Taiwan for three weeks during the summer of 2019, which was the largest study-abroad group in UTSA history. In addition, she has helped a few UTSA students receive Huayu Enrichment scholarships to learn Chinese in Taiwan for one year. With her assistance and guidance, a graduate student received a U.S. Fulbright scholarship to teach English in Taiwan for one year and two undergraduate students obtained teaching positions in Taiwan for one contract year. Her educational goal is to continue to work on what she has accomplished and broaden her teaching horizons to meet students’ needs.


Ed.D., Bilingual Education, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, USA, 2015

M.A., English with TESL Option, Arkansas Tech University, USA, 2010

B.A., English & Teacher Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan, 2006

Recent Courses

CHN1014 - Elementary Chinese I

CHN1024 - Elementary Chinese II

CHN2013 - Intermediate Chinese I

CHN2023 - Intermediate Chinese II

CHN3023 – Advanced Language Skills

CHN4013 - Advanced Language Skills

CSH1213 - Topics World Cultures: Chinese Art

CSH3823 - Adv. Topics World Cultures: Cultures in Taiwan and China

CSN2113 – East Asian Film (Co-teaching with Japanese & Korean professors)

CSH1213 – East Asian Pop Culture (Co-teaching with Japanese & Korean professors)

CSH4003 – Colloquium: East Asian Culture (Co-teaching with Japanese & Korean professors)

CSH1213 – Topics World Cultures: Taiwan (study-abroad course)

CSH3823 – Adv. Topics World Cultures: Taiwan (study-abroad course)

Recent Publications

  • Ward, L. L., & Terry, A. (2018). Language Acquisition through the IB Middle Years Programme in US Schools. Proceeding of 2018 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior, Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Ward, L. L. (2015). Teachers’ perceptions of using web-based videoconferencing for adult virtual English language instruction. Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (2015).

  • Ward, L. L. (2014). The role of linguistics in second language classrooms. American International Journal of Contemporary Research, 4(3). (2014). http://www.aijcrnet.com/journals/Vol_4_No_3_March_2014/5.pdf

  • Ward, L. L. (2014). Understanding pronunciation variations facing ESL students. International Journal of humanities and Social Science, 4(5). (2014). http://www.ijhssnet.com/journal/index/2391

  • Ward, L. L., & Ekiaka Nzai, V. (2014). Using iPad apps to enhance literacy skills of English language learners with special needs. International Journal of Languages and Literatures, 2(1). http://ijll-net.com/vol-2-no-1-march-2014-abstract-2-ijll

  • Ward, L. L., & Enchelmayer, E. J. (2014). The practice and effect of a workshop approach to teaching English writing in ESL composition courses. International Journal of humanities and Social Science, 4(5). http://www.ijhssnet.com/journal/index/2390

  • Ward, L. L. (2013). Understanding pronunciation variations facing ESL students. Proceeding of International Conference on Education, Economic, Psychology and Society, pp. 44-51, ISBN 978-986-89298-9-0, Beijing, China.

  • Ward, L. L. (2013). Teaching English with iPad apps. Proceeding of the Fourteenth Conference on Applied English Personnel Cultivation, pp. 27-37, ISBN 986-884-062-1, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

  • Ward, L. L. (2013). Improving English skills via social networks. Proceeding of 2013 International Language Education Conference, pp. 19-23, ISBN 978-986-6417-21-4, Yunlin, Taiwan.

  • Ward, L. L., & Ekiaka Nzai, V. (2013). Using iPad apps to enhance literacy skills of English language learners with special needs. Proceeding of International Conference on Education, Economic, Psychology and Society, pp. 36-43, ISBN 978-986-89298-9-0, Beijing, China.

  • Ward, L. L., & Guzman, N. A. (2013). Teaching English writing with workshop approach in ESL composition courses. Proceeding of 2013 International Language Education Conference, pp. 70-82, ISBN 978-986-6417-21-4, Yunlin, Taiwan.

  • Ward, L. L. (2013). Review of the book Children, language, and literacy: Diverse learners in diverse times, by C. Genishi & A. H. Dyson. Journal of Creative Education, ISSN Online: 2151-4771, USA. https://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=34660

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Devon Donohue-Bergeler grew up in Dallas and studied German language and literature at Boston University. After graduation, she supported U.S. study abroad participants and completed an M.A. at the Technische Universität Dresden in German Studies, Culture and Communication with a focus on teaching German as a foreign language. After a traineeship at the European Parliament in Luxembourg and an administrative job at the Universität Hamburg, she returned to her native Texas to complete a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education at the University of Texas in Austin.

Donohue-Bergeler's work teaching in the Department of Germanic Studies and with the Center for Teaching and Learning inspired her dissertation work, for which she developed and implemented a semester-long professional development opportunity in drama-based pedagogy aimed towards graduate student instructors teaching German in the collegiate lower-division curriculum. The dissertation explored graduate student instructors’ uptake of innovative pedagogy and the factors that help or hinder their engagement. Her additional research interests include teacher development, experiential learning, and study abroad outcomes. She is currently a Teaching Coach for the Goethe Institute, and joined the faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio as a Senior Lecturer of German in Fall 2018.


· Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (2018)

· M.A., Technische Universität Dresden, Germany (2009)

· B.A., Boston University (2002

Recent Courses

German language courses

· GER 1014 - Beginner German 1

· GER 1024 - Beginner German 2

· GER 2013 - Intermediate German 1

· GER 2023 - Intermediate German 2

· GER 3023 - Advanced German

Courses in comparative literature, upper-division German, and media studies

· CSH 2113 / GER 3413 - Foreign Film: Movies Go to War

· CSH 3023 / GER 2333 / GER 4003 - Love Conquers All?

· CSH 1213 / CSH 3823 / GER 3413 / GER 4213 - Migration in Post-War Germany

· CSH 3823 / GER 3413 / GER 4213 - Dresden: Florence of the Elbe River

· CSH 3823 / GER 3413 / GER 4213 / MES 3113 - German film

· GER 4213 / CSH 3823 - The Dresden Experience: Study abroad in Dresden

Research in Progress

Donohue-Bergeler, D. (2020). Drama-based pedagogy in the collegiate foreign language classroom: From the first encounter to online improv. In: Drama for Schools: Creating and Sustaining Learning Communities Through the Arts. Manuscript accepted pending revisions.

Donohue-Bergeler, D. (2020). A process model for foreign language graduate student teaching development. Manuscript in preparation.

Donohue-Bergeler, D., Hanka, D., & Goulet, C. (2020). Queer auf Deutsch: Positive classroom environment and LGBTQ+ inclusion through drama-based pedagogy in a collegiate beginner German course. Manuscript in preparation.

LaBorde, A., Huenlich, D. & Donohue-Bergeler, D. (2020). The Unbroken Treaty: Deutsch lernen als Rollenspiel. Educational materials in preparation.

Recent Publications

Benjamin, J.D., Donohue‐Bergeler, D., Fuchs, K. and Lorenz, A. (2020), “Is nicht egal“: Guided Multimodal Reading of a Music Video Advertisement. Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German, 53: 55-65. doi:10.1111/tger.12118

Donohue-Bergeler, D., Goulet, C., & Hanka, D. (2018). Flattened hierarchy through drama-based pedagogy: A graduate student instructor and two undergraduates partner on classroom research. College Teaching. 66(2), 104-110. doi:10.1080/87567555.2018.1437534

Kearns, K., Hatcher, M., Bollard, M., DiPietro, M., Donohue-Bergeler, D., Drane, L. E.,Luoma, E., Phuong, A. E., Thain, L., Wright, M. (2018). “Once a scientist…:” Disciplinary approaches and intellectual dexterity in educational development. To Improve the Academy, 37(1), 128-141. doi:10.1002/tia2.20072

Donohue-Bergeler, D. (2018). Is the drama worth it? Foreign language graduate student instructors’ experiences with drama-based pedagogy. Unpublished dissertation. The University of Texas at Austin. Retrieved from https://repositories.lib.utexas.edu/handle/2152/68080.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests:

Hispanic linguistics, language variation and change, sociolinguistics, phonetics, sociophonetic production and perception, heritage Spanish, language attitudes, /s/ phenomena, Spanish in contact with other languages, bilingualism, second language acquisition, and forensic linguistics.

Dr. Whitney Chappell’s research focuses on sociophonetic variation in the Spanish-speaking world, or how Spanish speakers construct social meaning through their use of contextualized linguistic variants. Her most recent projects focus on the sociophonetic perception of nonstandard variants among monolingual and bilingual Spanish speakers, and her work has been published in prestigious venues like Language Variation and Change, The Journal of Voice, Hispania, Heritage Language Journal, Estudios de fonética experimental, and Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, among many others. Dr. Chappell’s new edited volume, Recent Advances in the Study of Spanish Sociophonetic Perception, has been called “A must-read book for students and scholars of language, variation, and change” by Dr. Manuel Díaz-Campos at Indiana University.

At UTSA Dr. Chappell teaches classes on language and gender, bilingualism, sociolinguistics, Spanish phonetics and phonology, introduction to Spanish linguistics, and language and identity, among many others. Her teaching philosophy is grounded in engaged, active student learning where the classroom is a fun, dynamic, and student-centered environment. In addition to sparking her students' interest in linguistics, Dr. Chappell’s goal is to help students become more inquisitive individuals who are capable of thinking critically inside and outside of the classroom.


  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Columbus (2013)

  • M.A., Northern Illinois University, DeKalb (2009)

  • B.A., The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2006)

Recent Courses

Linguistics 3833/5013: Sociolinguistics.

Lingüística 5946: Lenguaje y sociedad (La Universidad de Murcia).

Spanish 4113/5893: Spanish dialectology.

Spanish 4113/5903: Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish 4113/Linguistics 4013: Language and gender.

Spanish 4113/5943: Language and identity.

Spanish 3113: Linguistic structures of Spanish.

Spanish 3013: Spanish phonetics and pronunciation.

Spanish 2013: Intermediate Spanish.

Research in Progress

Chappell, Whitney (ed.). In press. Recent Advances in the Study of Spanish Sociophonetic Perception. Edited volume to be published in John Benjamins’ Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics series.

Chappell, Whitney. Accepted. Perceptions of Spanish(es) in the United States: Mexicans’ Sociophonetic evaluations of [v]. Chapter to appear in Scott Alvord & Greg Thompson (eds.), Spanish in the US: Variation, attitudes, and pedagogy. New York: Routledge.

Chappell, Whitney. In press. Social contact and linguistic convergence: The reduction of intervocalic /d/ in Bilwi, Nicaragua. Chapter to appear in Rajiv Rao (ed.), Spanish phonetics and phonology in contact: Studies from Africa, the Americas, and Spain.

Chappell, Whitney. In press. The sociophonetic perception of heritage Spanish speakers in the United States: Reactions to labiodentalized <v> in the speech of native and heritage voices. Chapter to appear in Whitney Chappell (ed.), Recent advances in the study of Spanish sociophonetic perception. Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Chappell, Whitney and Bridget Drinka (eds.). Under contract. Spanish socio-historical linguistics: Isolation and contact. Edited volume to be published in John Benjamins’ Advances in Historical Sociolinguistics series.

Recent Publications

Curriculum Vitae


Melissa Wallace received her Ph.D. in translation and interpreting studies from the Universidad de Alicante, Spain. A certified court interpreter and certified healthcare interpreter, Wallace served two terms as an appointed member of the state Supreme Court Committee to Improve Translation and Interpreting in Wisconsin Courts and has just begun a 5-year term on the Licensed Court Interpreter Advisory Board of the Judicial Branch Certification Commission for the Supreme Court of Texas. She is an active appointed member of the Standards and Training Committee of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC), and is co-lead on the Webinars Work Group of the NCIHC’s Home for Trainers initiative.  She is a former member of the Executive Board of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association and chair of the Advisory Council of Voice of Love, a U.S.-based nonprofit that develops training and resources to support interpreting for survivors of torture, war trauma and sexual violence.

Her research focuses on indicators of aptitude on court interpreter certification exams, interpreter and translator training, and policy innovations as language access activism. She has presented her research in the United States and abroad, including to the Qualitas research group, a project funded by the Department of Justice of the European Commission which aims at providing a roadmap for the development of valid and reliable certification procedures for judicial and police interpreters for all EU member states.

Currently she is an Assistant Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio where she directs the graduate certificate program in translation studies.

Wallace has been granted a Fulbright to teach and conduct research in court interpreting at the University of Tampere, Finland, beginning in January 2016.


  • Ph.D., Translation and Interpreting, Universidad de Alicante, Spain (2012)

  • B.A., Spanish and Linguistics, University of Wisconsin (1989)

Recent Courses

FL 3003 Introduction to Translation and Interpreting

SPN 6083 Theory and Practice of Translation

SPN 6973 Interpreting in Legal Settings

MES 3113 Film Studies

FL 5043 Principles of Translation

SPN 5023 Writing and Editing in Spanish

Research in Progress

  • (Tentative title) Language Access Compliance in Texas Courts: An Environmental Scan. This project and consists of an environmental scan of compliance with language access legislation in Texas Courts. It will be based on a survey administered to 3000 Texas judges to get a snapshot of how, when and if spoken language interpreters are provided in court proceedings at all levels. A complementary survey might explore experiences from the perspective of LCIs (Licensed Court Interpreters) who practice in the state. The overarching goal of the study would be to discover deficiencies in the provision of spoken-language interpreters in Texas courts and to use that information to inform future statutory changes in the next legislative session. The Office of Court Administration and the Judicial Branch Certification Commission have expressed strong interest in supporting the study.

  • (Tentative title) The Development of National Standards for US Court Interpreter Training Programs. This project will develop a roadmap for the drafting of a research-driven set of national standards of training for court interpreter programs, with specific recommendations on the teaching and learning required for interpreters entering into practice.  The model will be correlated with the knowledge, skills and abilities already tested on two of the US’s extant psychometrically-normed certification exams. In collaboration with the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, Wallace intends to carry out focus groups, national surveys, empanel an advisory board, and gather a group of subject matter experts in order to execute the roadmap and develop specific findings which will meet the needs of the judiciary by addressing program content standards, instructional methods standards, and programmatic standards.

  • (Fulbright project) The Transposition of Directive 2010/64/EU and its Impact on University-Level Court Interpreter Training. The objectives of this research project are to critically examine recent changes in university-level training of legal interpreters at the University of Tampere in light of Directive/2010/64/EU. Tampere is one of six Finnish universities that have introduced a novel approach to university-level training for court interpreters by having reconceptualized the Principles of Authorised Translation course and by opening it up to active professional members of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters, or SKTL. The results of this project will produce meaningful research, improve and enhance teaching, and meet the Fulbright program's vision of public diplomacy and the cultivation of international friendship.

Recent Publications

  • In press (Spring 2015) “Access and Protection: Civil Court Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence and the Current State of Free Language Mediation in US Courts.” Proceedings of The FIRST INTERNATIONAL SOS-VICS CONFERENCE: Building communication bridges in gender violence at the University of Vigo, Spain, on the 25th and 26th September, 2014.

  • A further call to action: Training as a policy issue in court interpreting.” Monzó Nebot, E. & L. Cheng (eds.) Special issue of The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, Volume 9, Number 2, June 2015. Routledge.

  • Current Dilemmas in Court Interpreting: Improving Quality and Access through Smarter Testing and Administration Protocols.” Ortega Herráez, Juan Miguel and Catalina Iliescu (eds). MonTI Special Issue (June 2015) – Insights in Interpreting: Status and Developments.

  • “Resisting Market Disorder and Ensuring Public Trust: Reimagining National Registers for Legal Interpreters in the United States and the European Union.” Blasco Mayor, María Jesús and Maribel del Pozo Triviño (eds). MonTI 7 (April 2015) – Legal Interpreting at a Turning Point. ISSN 1889-4178.

  • Team-Based Learning in Introductory Translation Courses.” Handbook of Research on Teaching Methods in Language Translation and Interpretation. Released in the Advances in Educational Technologies & Instructional Design (AETID) Book Series, IGI Global, October 2014.

  • “Rethinking Bifurcated Testing Models in the Court Interpreter Certification Process.” Tsagari, D. & R. van Deemter (eds.) (March 2013). Assessment Issues in Language Translation and Interpreting. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang GmbH. (Language Testing and Evaluation Series, Vol. 29) ISBN: 978-3-631-63603-9. 

  • “Writing the Wrongs of Literature: The Figure of the Feminist and Post-Colonialist Translator”, Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, Fall 2002, Volume 35, Number 2, ISSN 0742-5562. 

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Courses

CSH 1113 - Lit Masterpieces W Culture II

CSH 2113 - Foreign Film: Italian

CSH 3823 - Topics: Italian Drama

ITL 1024 - Elementary Italian II

ITL 2023 - Intermediate Italian II

ITL 2043 - Begining Language-Study Abroad in Urbino Italy

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Wickham received a B.A. in German and Linguistics and an M.Phil. in German from the University of Reading (UK). He earned his doctorate in German Literature at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Before moving to San Antonio in 1991 he taught at the Universität Regensburg, Germany, (1973-76), Allegheny College, PA, (1982-85) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (1985-1991). Dr. Wickham was for many years a summer faculty member at the prestigious German School at Middlebury College and directed the study abroad program UTSA in Munich. He served as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Faculty Affairs in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at UTSA 2004-2013. He was UTSA Faculty Senator and a member of the national executive council of the American Association of Teachers of German. He is on the editorial board of Monatshefte für deutschsprachige Literatur und Kultur. Dr. Wickham is the author of Constructing Heimat in Postwar Germany: Longing and Belonging and is co-editor of Framing the Past: The Historiography of German Cinema and Television and "Was in den alten Büchern steht . . .": Neue Interpretationen von der Aufklärung zur Moderne. His book Comanches and Germans on the Texas Frontier (co-authored with Daniel J. Gelo) received the 2018 Presidio La Bahia Award for scholarship on Texas history. Published articles include studies on Austrian and German cinema, German poetry, dialect, regional culture, singer-songwriters, German painters, and the writer, botanist, and traveler, Adelbert von Chamisso.


  • 1968‑72: University of Reading, England, 1972: B.A.(Hons.) German and Linguistics

  • 1972‑74: University of Reading and University of Regensburg (Germany), 1974: M.Phil., German, University of Reading (with distinction)

  • 1976‑82: University of Wisconsin‑Madison, 1982: Ph.D., German Literature (magna cum laude)

Research in Progress

  • Texas publicist Ferdinand Lindheimer’s influence on Texas German identity.

Research Interests:

  • 18th and early 19th century literature and culture
  • 20th century literature and culture
  • Adelbert von Chamisso
  • Literature and science
  • Poetry
  • Film
  • Singer-songwriters
  • Dialect literature
  • Regionalism
  • German painters in the U.S.
  • German settlement and culture in Texas

Recent Publications

  • "Postwar Tales of Two Cities: Rubble Films from Berlin and Munich" in Film Criticism 38.3 (Spring 2014), pp. 24-47.
  • "Die Bühne als moralische Anstalt: Kleinkunst in Bayern anno 2000" in Literatur in Bayern 125 (2016), pp. 20-21.

  • "Dimensionen eines bayerischen Romans: Georg Achtelstetters Elendvolk (1923)" in Edith Funk, et al. (eds.), Dialects are Forever. Die unbändige Lust an der Wortklauberey. Festschrift Anthony R. Rowley zum 65. Geburtstag (Regensburg: edition vulpes, 2018), pp. 283-307.

  • Comanches and Germans on the Texas Frontier: The Ethnology of Heinrich Berghaus (coauthored with Daniel J. Gelo), (College Station: Texas A&M Univ. Press, 2018).

  • “Wortschöpfung und Namensgebung in Felix Hoerburgers Schnubiglbaierisch” in Christian Ferstl, et al. (eds.), Dialekt • Namen. Mundart im Kontext der Onomastik, (Regensburg: edition vulpes, 2019), pp.289-299.

  • Translation of Heinrich von Kleist’s „Über die allmähliche Verfertigung der Gedanken beim Reden“ (”On how we gradually make up our thoughts while we are talking”), in Delos: A Journal of Translation and World Literature, Vol. 34.2 (Fall 2019), pp. 239-246.

  • "Mid-Century Cultural Tectonics: Unpacking the Ying Tong Song Core Sample" in Journal of European Popular Culture (2021 forthcoming).

  • "Remembering Exile: Jews in the American Dystopia in Axel Corti’s Santa Fé (1985)" in Nancy Membrez (ed.), War and Remembrance: An Anthology of Critical Essays (forthcoming).

  • Annotated Bibliography to Adelbert von Chamisso’s Peter Schlemihl (Columbia, SC: Layman Poupard Publishing, forthcoming).

Curriculum Vitae


Mimi Yu joined UTSA as a Japanese lecturer in 2008 where she also serves as the former associate director for the East Asia Institute (2008-2019.)  Her areas of interest are Japanese teaching pedagogy and instructional technology.  Prior to joining UTSA, Yu taught Japanese at the University of Nevada, Reno for almost 20 years and won the Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award within the College of Liberal Arts.  Because of her involvement in promoting Asia-related programs both at UTSA and in the S.A. community, she received DiversityFirst Award given by the Texas Diversity Council. In addition, Yu received UTSA President’s Distinguished Diversity Award for promoting diversity and inclusion in creative and collaborative ways. She also has led (or co-led) more than 15 groups of UTSA students to study abroad in Asia since 2013.


M.A. in Japanese Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1989)
B.A. in Japanese Studies, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (1986)

Recent Courses

JPN 1024 - Elementary Japanese II

Curriculum Vitae


Gilberta Turner is a native of Spain where she was involved in the teaching of languages (Spanish, French and English) as a volunteer in the American schools of Spain, Italy, and Germany from 1985 to 1997. She has been teaching at UTSA for ten years, five as a Teaching Assistant and the last five as Lecturer. She teaches Elementary Spanish I and II but has also taught Hispanic literature and oral communication.  In 2010 she created a new course never before offered at UTSA, Zarzuela (Spanish operetta).  In 1980 she independently published her book of poems in Spanish and English, My thoughts.

She is a member of the Spanish Cultural and Historical Society and docents at the Spanish Governor’s Palace of San Antonio.  She believes that the study of languages should be more than grammar so she includes folklore in her teaching as part of what she calls “cultural moments.”

Her teaching goes further than languages.  She also teaches crochet at the Northeast Independent School District of San Antonio.

She believes in voluntarism thus she is involved with several organizations of the community  volunteering in different capacities.  She is often invited to give presentations about her native Spanish folklore.


  • 2003. BA in Spanish.  University of Texas at San Antonio, Summa Cum Laude
  • 2004.  Associate of Arts in Italian, University of Maryland University College
  • 2007.  MA in Spanish, University of Texas at San Antonio

Recent Courses

  • SPN 1024 - Elementary Spanish II
  • SPN 4003 - Advanced Language Skills:Oral
  • SPN 3033 - Oral Communication Skills

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Courses

LNG 3813 - Introduction To Linguistics

SPN 1024 - Elementary Spanish II

SPN 3063 - Grammar & Composition

SPN 6011 - Supervised Teaching in Spanish

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Courses

SPN 1024 - Elementary Spanish II

SPN 1014 - Elementary Spanish I

Curriculum Vitae


Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba is Professor of Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies at the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. She specializes in cross-cultural, comparative research in syncretic religions, and the feminine. Among her publications are the books, Fierce Feminine Divinities of Eurasia and Latin America: Baba Yaga, Kali, Pombagira, and Santa Muerte (Palgrave 2015, 2018), The Black Madonna in Latin America and Europe: Tradition and Transformation (UNMP 2007, 2009, 2011), and Teatro popular peruano: del precolombino al siglo XX (Warsaw University and the Austrian Institute of Latin America, 1995), as well as numerous scholarly book chapters and articles. She has lived, studied, and lectured widely around the world, and is fluent in seven languages.


Ph.D., Latin American Literature and Culture, New York University (1991)

M.Phil., Spanish American and Brazilian Literature and Culture, New York University (1985)

Magister, Iberian and Latin American Studies, Warsaw University (1981)

M.A., Spanish and Portuguese Literature and Culture, Queens College (1981)

B.A., Romance Languages, Queens College (1979)


Recent Courses

Recent Undergraduate Courses

  • SPN 4303 Topics in Hispanic Cultures: La narcocultura

  • SPN 4303 Topics in Hispanic Cultures: Popular Religions of Latin America

  • SPN 4303 Topics in Hispanic Cultures: Brazilian Culture through Film          

  • SPN 4203 Topics in Hispanic Literatures: Women Writers of Latin America

  • SPN 4303 Topics in Hispanic Cultures: Latino/a Cultural Expressions

  • SPN 4203 Topics in Hispanic Lits: The Fantastic and the Marvelous in Lat. Am. Fiction

  • SPN 4003 Advanced Language Skills: Oral Communication

  • SPN 4003 Advanced Language Skills: Written Communication

  • SPN 3463 Latin American Literature to Modernism

  • SPN 3473 Latin American Literature since Modernism

  • SPN 3623 Latin American Culture and Civilization

  • SPN 3043 Introduction to Literature

  • WS 3953 Special Topics in Women Writers

  • WS 3713 Special Topics in Women’s Studies

Recent Graduate Courses

  • SPN 5473 Latin American Civilization

  • SPN 5483 Studies in Hispanic Cultures: La narcocultura

  • SPN 5483 Studies in Hispanic Cultures: Brazilian Culture through Film

  • SPN 5813 Studies in Hispanic Literatures: Women Writers of Latin America

  • SPN 5483 Studies in Hispanic Cultures: Popular Religions of Latin America

  • SPN 5483 Studies in Hispanic Cultures: Latino/a Cultural Expressions

  • SPN 5813 Studies in Hispanic Lits: The Fantastic and the Marvelous in Lat. Am. Fiction


Research in Progress

Symbolism and Mythology of Eurasia and the Americas: Manifestations in Artifacts and Rituals. Berghahn Books (Oxford/New York). Under contract.

Recent Publications


Fierce Feminine Divinities from Eurasia and Latin America: Baba Yaga, Ka̅lı̅, Pombagira, and Santa Muerte. New York, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, Hardcover and Ebook (204 pages, 40 halftones); 2018, Paperback (204 pages, 40 halftones)

The Black Madonna in Latin America and Europe: Tradition and Transformation. Albuquerque: U of New Mexico Press, 2007, Hardcover; 2009, Paperback edition, revised (246 pages, 140 halftones, 15 color plates); 2011, Electronic edition (246 pages, 140 halftones, 15 color plates)

Book Chapters

“Sara-La-Kâli y las vírgenes negras/ Sara-La-Kâli e as virxes negras/ Sara-La-Kâli et les vierges noires.” Les gens du Chemin. Peregrinación a Saintes Maries de la Mer. Santiago de Compostela, Spain: Xunta de Galicia, 2013. 21-31 & 105-110

“Origini e transformazioni del culto della Madonna Nera oltre Atlantico” (“Origins and Transformations of the Black Madonna Devotion across the Atlantic”). Nigra Sum. Culti santuari e Imagini delle Madonne Nere d’Europa. Paolo Pellizari, ed. Parco Naturale e Area attrezzata del Sacro Monte di Crea, Italy: ATLAS Centro di documentazione dei Sacri Monti Calvari e Complessi devozionali europei, 2012. 197-208.

“Saint Sara-La-Kâli: The Romani Black Madonna.” She Is Everywhere! Vol.3. Mary Saracino and Mary Beth Moser, eds. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2012. 128-143


“Pombagira: The Afro-Brazilian Trickster/Pombagira: Afrobrazylijska Tricksterka.” The New Ethnography/ Etnografia nowa 9/10 (2017/2018): 127-151. (Published in 2019)

“Holy Death, Our Protectress: The Mexican Santa Muerte /Święta Śmierć, Nasza Opiekunka: Meksykańska Santa Muerte.” Etnografia nowa /The New Ethnography 5 (2013): 119-139.

“El narcotráfico y la religión en América Latina.” Revista del CESLA 13, vol. 1 (2010): 211-224

“Reloj, no marques las horas: patetismo y ausencia en La hora de la estrella de Clarice Lispector.” Revista del CESLA 12 (2009): 53-61. Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos, Warsaw University

“Los hispanos en los Estados Unidos y la identidad: el símbolo de la Virgen de Guadalupe.” Simposio aculturación y transculturación, las diversas voces de América. Margarita Alegría de la Colina, ed. Azcapotzalco: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, 2007. 81-97

Additional Information


Recent Media Contributions/ Articles about Author

La Santa Muerte: A Folk Saint in Texas. Documentary screening, panel, and Q & A session, featuring Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba, and other experts. Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, TX, October 5, 2017

“UTSA Researcher Examines Feminine Symbolism in Popular Art around the World,” By Kara Mireles. UTSA Today, December 12, 2016

Radio Program. “The Popularity of Santa Muerte in San Antonio/South Texas.” Interview as expert. Aired on All Things Considered, Nov 1, 2016, and on Morning Edition on Nov 2, 2016, Texas Public Radio

“Santa Muerte, Skeletal Folk Saint of Death, Gains Followers in San Antonio,” by Aaron Schrank. http://tpr.org/post/santa-muerte-skeletal-folk-saint-death-gains-followers-san-antonio, Nov. 2, 2016

Documentary. “Santa Muerte.” Filmed interview as expert by Charlie Lockwood. Texas Folklife Resources, Austin, TX, October 11, 2016

“Alvarez Grant Funds Unique Education Abroad Course in Oaxaca,” by Sherrie Voss Matthews. UTSA International and UTSA Today, December 14, 2015

“Searching for Santa Muerte in San Antonio,” by Michael Marks. San Antonio Current, October 28, 2015

“Heritage Divide,” by Michelle Mondo. Sombrilla Online, Spring/Summer 2015

Press Conference, Museo Das Peregrinacións e De Santiago. Santiago de Compostela, Spain, June 14, 2013

"Black Madonnas, Unofficial Saints, and Fierce Feminine Divinities." 45-minute radio interview on Voices of the Sacred Feminine, July 31, 2013

“The Black Madonna: An Ancient Tradition in Modern Times,” by Patrick Collins. Ovations 8, 2013

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Nancy J. Membrez came to UTSA in 1991 where she created culture courses in Spanish Civilization and Contemporary Spain as well as developing discreet film courses on Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, Argentine, and Andean Cinemas. She has taught Peninsular literature courses focused on the era 1700 to the present and seminars on Lorca, the Silver Age, and The Spanish Civil War in Film, and Women’s Literature. Since spring 2003, she has additionally taught Digital filmmaking using all professional equipment.

She continues to publish articles on 19th and 20th century Peninsular theater as well as Spanish and Latin American cinemas, especially on the films of her film mentor Eliseo Subiela (1944-2016) with whom she collaborated on the English subtitles for four of his films.

 Her first feature film, Portrait in Sepia Tone, won Best Feature Film and Best Sound Track at the International Filmmakers Festival in Kent, England in 2008. She continues to write screenplays and poetry in her spare time.


  • Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA. 1987.

  • M.A. in Spanish, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. 1975.

  • B.A. in Spanish, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH. 1972.

Recent Courses

Modern Spanish Literature, Culture, and Film (Spanish and Latin American), and Digital Filmmaking.


Recent Courses:

  • SPN 3423/5703 Spanish Literature since 1700

  • SPN 3613/5463 Spanish Civilization

  • SPN 4303/5123 Cuban Film

  • SPN 4303/5123 The Mexican Revolution in Film and Literature

  • MES 3333 Digital Filmmaking

  • MES 4333 Advanced Digital Filmmaking

Research in Progress

Film Studies

Spanish Theater



Film Production


Recent Publications

Published Books:

  • (ed.) Eliseo Subiela, the Poet of Latin American Cinema. Essays, Interviews, and Photographs. Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, 2014.

  • (ed.) The Cinematic Art of Eliseo Subiela, Argentine Filmmaker. Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, 2007.


Published Book Chapters:

  • Chapter 12 on “Cine” for Humanidades hispánicas: Lengua, cultura y literatura en los estudios graduados. Ed. Francisco Marcos-Marín, UTSA. New York: Peter Lang, 2018. 307-338.

  • “De la ópera bufa a la zarzuela grande: los barberos Fígaro y Lamparilla”. Teatro lírico español: Ópera, drama lírico y zarzuela grande entre 1868 y 1925. Eds. M. Pilar Espín Templado, Pilar de Vega Martínez, Manuel Lagos Gismero. Madrid, UNED, 2016. 265-287.


Published Journal Articles (juried):

  • “‘Soy Rantés y soy el Dr. Denis’: Hombre mirando al sudeste 30 años después. La última entrevista con Eliseo Subiela, el 28 de agosto de 2016. Montreal, Canadá” and “Pequeña biografía apócrifa de Eliseo Subiela”. Nuevo Texto Crítico. Coordina el número Jorge Ruffinelli (Stanford University). Nuevo Texto Crítico 29.52 (2016): 95-102.

  • Prize-winning essay: “La antena torcida: Subiela y el enigma de K-PAX” Imagofagia (ISSN: 1852-9550) 11 (abril de 2015). http://www.asaeca.org/imagofagia/index.php/ imagofagia/article/view/713.

  • “Tres novelistas del siglo XIX (Galdós, Clarín, Palacio Valdés) y el teatro por horas.” Hecho Teatral. Revista de teoría y práctica del teatro hispánico (Madrid). Dir. Ricardo de la Fuente. 9 (2009): 104-114.


Featurettes of the Kino Lorber DVD/Blu-ray of Man Facing Southeast, directed by Eliseo Subiela. 2016.

  • Introductory essay on Eliseo Subiela and his film Man Facing Southeast for the Kino Lorber DVD/Blu-ray insert booklet. 1500 words.

  • “Screenwriter-Director Eliseo Subiela Talks About Madness and Man Facing Southeast.” Interviewed, shot, edited, and subtitled my interview with Eliseo Subiela in Montreal, Canada on August 28, 2016. 20 minutes.

  • “Director of Photography Ricardo de Angelis Talks About Man Facing Southeast.” Interviewed, shot, re-edited to 26 minutes, and subtitled this piece.

  • “Actor Hugo Soto Talks About Man Facing Southeast and Working with Writer-Director Eliseo Subiela, in 1993.” Camera and Interviewer Jorge Ruffinelli, Stanford University (1993). Newly restored, edited and subtitled by NJM. 22 minutes.


Translation and Subtitling Published:

  • Revised English subtitles (over 200) for Man Facing Southeast. Line credit at end of movie. Kino Lorber DVD/Blu-ray. 2016.

  • Translation of screenwriter-director Eliseo Subiela’s 500-word essay for the Kino Lorber DVD of Man Facing Southeast insert booklet. 2016.

  • World Premiere of Subiela’s film Paisajes devorados with my English subtitles in place. Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico. March 2012.


Original Feature Film

  • Portrait in Sepia Tone. 2008. 1:54. MPAA rating: “PG-13 for sexual content and some drug material.”


Accepted for Publication:

  • Contracted: Book. (ed.) Memory in World Cinema. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing, 2019.

  • Contracted: Book. (ed.) War and Remembrance in World Cinema. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing, 2019 or 2020.

  • Contracted: Monograph. The Persistence of Vision of Filmmaker Eliseo Subiela. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing, 2019 or 2020.

  • Book Chapter. “The falda-pantalón (Skirt-Pant) Scandal in Madrid in 1911.” Spanish Fashion. Eds. Marcela Garcés, Siena College, and Francisco Fernández de Alba, Wheaton College. Publication expected in 2019 or 2020.

  • Interview. Filmed, edited, transcribed and annotated the “Mesa redonda con los directores de cine Juan Carlos Valdivia, Celina Murga, Mariana Chenillo, Carlos Marqués-Marcet, Javier Corcuera y Gabriela Martínez Escobar.” Special Issue of Peripherica (Journal of Social, Cultural, and Literary History): Image and Storytelling: New Approaches to Hispanic Cinema and Literature. Eds. Isabel Jaén-Portillo and Gina Herrmann. Spring 2019.


Books in Progress

  • Translation. El que tenga valor que me siga, a novel by Spaniard Eduardo Garrigues. Let the Brave Follow Me. The Life and Times of Bernardo de Gálvez. 50 chapters of 58 translated as of this writing. 2018-2019.

  • Preliminary Translation into Spanish of The White Shaman Mural by Carolyn E. Boyd. University of Texas Press, 2016 Finished. 2017. Francisco Marcos-Marín will correct and polish it. To be published in Mexico in 2019 or 2020.

Additional Information

Filmmaker: See her short subjects on Vimeo.com/nancymembrez.


And published poet:

Antes los besos iban a tu boca

Hoy obedecen a una tecla send.

—Mario Benedetti, “Windows 98”.


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digital soulmate.


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  • Honorable Mention in the 2004 San Antonio Poetry Fair. San Antonio, TX. Published in the Voices Along the River Anthology, 2004.

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Marcos-Marin's academic publications

Dr. Marcos-Marin's blog









Recent Courses

  • FL 5043 - Principles Of Translation
  • SPN 4113 - Top: Spanish of the US
  • SPN 6973 - SpecialProb: Spanish of the US
  • SPN 5893 - Spanish Dialects

Curriculum Vitae





Research in Progress

Curriculum Vitae



  • Ph. D.    University of Michigan, 1965

  • M.A.      University of Chicago, 1959

  • A.B.      University of Chicago, 1958


Recent Courses

  • SPN 3043 - Advanced Reading

  • SPN 3473 - Latin Amer Lit Since Modernism

  • SPN 4303 - Top: Latin American Culture

  • SPN 5473 - Latin American Civilization

  • SPN 5763 - Latin American Literature to Modernism

Recent Publications

  • "Chronologic Deployment of Fictional Events in M. A. Asturias' El Señor Presidente." Hispanic Journal 12 (Fall 1991): 181‑209. Print.
  • " Antonio de Saavedra Guzman=s 'Tirano amor'(1599): The Rhetoric of Love." Hispanic Journal 22 (Spring 2001): 227-35. Print.
  • "M. A Asturias's El Señor Presidente: Chaos Begotten from Order." Hispanófila 135 (mayo 2002): 107-23. Print.
  • "On the Anonymous Italian ("Binelli") Monologue in and the Gestation of El Señor Presidente: A Critical Note." Hispanófila 136 (septiembre 2002): 55-60. Print.
  • "El relato de Camila y Cara de Ángel en El Señor Presidente de M. A. Asturias: Un análisis folklórico y socioanalítico". Actas del coloquio internacional 1899-1999 Un siècle de/ un siglo de Miguel Ángel Asturias. Eds. Jean-Pierre Clément, Jacques Gilard, Marie-Louis Ollé. Poitiers: Centre de Recherches Latino-Américaines / Archivos Maison des Sciences de lCantar de Mio Cid: A Morphological-Syntagmatic Analysis of the Exile of the Cid." eHumanista: Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Studies 6 (2006): 1-18.

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Makiko Fukuda is a senior lecturer and coordinator of the Japanese program at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She completed her Ph.D. at Purdue University in 2009, specializing in Japanese Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics. Her research interests are acquisition of intercultural competency through the collaboration across disciplines and cultures.

She is the winner of the 2019 TFLA (Texas Foreign Language Association) Excellence in Teaching Award and 2019 TFLA Teacher of the Year. She has also received Mentoring Award from J-Live Talk 2019 held at the George Washington University in 2019.

In 2015, she received the Sawtelle Teaching Innovation Grant from UTSA to research the effect of online books on oral reading fluency. Her publications include “Dynamic processes of speech development by seven adult learners of Japanese in a domestic immersion context" (Foreign Language Annals, 2015).

While she teaches at UTSA, she also served as president of the Japanese Teachers Association in Texas in 2018 and the Japan America Society of San Antonio in 2014.

Recent Courses

JPN 1024 - Elementary Japanese II

JPN 2023 - Intermediate Japanese II

JPN 3023 - Advanced Language Skills (Japanese)

JPN 3053 - Business Japanese

JPN 4213 - Topics: Japanese Culture

JNP 3113- Film Studies: Japanese

Curriculum Vitae


1973    Doctor of Philosophy, Spanish. University of Kansas

1969    Licenciado en Filosofía y Educación. Profesor de Castellano. Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile


Author of two literary blogs:

Recent Courses

  • SPN 3423 - Lit Of Spain:1700-Present
  • SPN 3493/5803 - Mexican American Literature

Recent Publications

Author of Café Labrapalabra, Literary Blog

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Courses

SPN 1024 - Elementary Spanish II

SPN 2013 - Intermediate Spanish I

SPN 3033 - Oral Communication Skills

SPN 4003 Advanced Language Skills

Recent Courses

  • RUS 1024, Elementary Russian II
  • RUS 2023, Intermediate Russian II
  • RUS 3033, Oral Communication Skills
  • RUS 3633/CSH 1213, Topics: Russia Today


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