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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

About studying in Costa Rica

Why is this program called UTSA in Costa Rica with SOL Education Abroad?

  • We have a special contract with SOL, which makes this program cheaper than the regular SOL Costa Rica programs. Also, all of the pre-departure paperwork, information sessions, and payments are handled through UTSA, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Why can’t I just attend SOL Education Abroad on my own?

  • You can, of course, but the program cost for students traveling individually is higher. Also, some students feel more secure in a group travel setting.

So is this a faculty-led program?

  • Not exactly. This is a faculty-sponsored program, but we are not sending a faculty member with the students since they are not signing up for a UTSA course.

Why aren’t you sending a UTSA teacher with the group?

  • SOL Education Abroad is providing excellent in-country support, which makes a UTSA teacher’s presence unnecessary. We polled students who attended this summer and they agreed.

So what UTSA course do I sign up for?

  • You won’t sign up for any UTSA course. You will sign up for a course at the Latin University of Costa Rica and the credit hours will transfer to UTSA.

Shall I pay directly to SOL?

  •  No, all payments and forms are handled through the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

What if I want to stay longer in Costa Rica?

  •  You can do that. All you need to do is to tell the local organizers while in Costa Rica. You will be signing up for an extra course and extend your homestay for two weeks. The additional cost for this option is $1,250.

What courses do I sign up for at SOL?

  • You can sign up one of the following courses in Costa Rica, depending on your current level.

    • Intermediate Spanish I or II

    • Advanced Spanish I or II

    • Latin American Literature

    • Latin American Civilization and Culture

Do I sign up for these courses at UTSA?

  • No, the courses you will sign up for are offered at Latin University of Costa Rica, and the credit hours transfer to UTSA.

What are the UTSA equivalencies?

  • Intermediate I = SPN 2013

  • Intermediate II = SPN 2023

  • Advanced I = SPN 3003

  • Advanced II = SPN 3063

  • Latin American Literature = SPN 4203

  • Latin American Civilization and Culture = SPN 4303

Can graduate students go?

  • No, this is an undergraduate program. There are no classes for graduate students.


Important things to know:


  1. There is a separate process for application through the UTSA International Programs. The deadline is February 15, 2018. Please WAIT for more instructions you will receive at the mandatory meeting.

  2. The following scholarship is available for qualified students:  International Education fund award up to $1,200 (deadline February 15)

  3. Scholarship applications require a letter of recommendation from a UTSA faculty member. Please find a teacher NOW. Do not procrastinate.

  4. The scholarship applications also require an essay. Make sure you follow the criteria very carefully.  The quality of your essay pretty much determines whether you get a scholarship or not.

  5. A mandatory meeting will be held on Feb. 6, 2018 at 6 pm in MH 4.02.04. You will receive information about the application process.

  6. If you get a scholarship, the funds are applied towards your summer tuition bill. Any remainder will be reimbursed to you.

  7. Start saving money NOW.

  8. Updated information will be posted on the UTSA in Costa Rica webpage.