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Internship Information

The Department of English offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in editing and technical writing, journalism writing, desktop publishing, mass media writing/production, and/or creative writing through their participation in the English Internship Program. In addition to providing them with the opportunity to network, an internship provides students the opportunity to translate their academic skills and interests into a real-world, professional setting as they prepare for graduation and their careers. ENG 4933 is a 3 credits course designed for English majors. It fulfills specific degree requirement for students pursuing the B.A. in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing.

Other students pursuing the B.A. in English or the B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing may apply the internship course towards their degree requirements as an Upper Division English Elective (N.B. students are encouraged to meet with their major Academic Advisor first to assess how the ENG 4933 fits into their specific degree plan and progress).  ENG 4933 may be repeated once for credit, however, only three hours of internship credit may be applied towards students’ major requirements. Students interested in the English Internship Program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Students who meet the requirements listed below and who are interested in participating in the English Internship Program are required to email the Internship Coordinator, Maia Adamina, M.A., at

  • Junior or Senior Classification
  • Minimum 3.0 UTSA G.P.A. (certain exceptions may apply; students are encouraged to contact the Internship Coordinator)
  • Completion of ENG 1013, ENG 1023, and ENG 2213
  • Completion of two Upper Division 3000-4000 level ENG courses



Maia Adamina, M.A.
(210) 458-4900
Mailing address:
Internship Coordinator
Department of English
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

Classwork Information

Guidelines for the Blog

The blog consists of weekly 100-200 word entries on Blackboard. It provides an update of your internship duties and experiences. The entries are due no later than every Friday at 3pm for the past week. Entries entered after 3pm Friday will not be accepted. 

In your weekly assessments consider the following:
• What sorts of projects are you currently working on and what are your thoughts about the project/tasks?
• What were your greatest challenges and successes for the week?
• What are your final thoughts about the past week and what are your goals for the next week?

Be descriptive, detailed, and honest. Do not list your duties. Instead specify time, place, and explain your contribution(s). Be sure to write correctly and with precision.


Guidelines for the Portfolio

The Portfolio is a comprehensive overview of your work over the course of your internship. In must contain in the following order:
• Cover page (name, banner ID, course title, date)
• Table of Contents
• Revised Résumé
• Copy of letter of recommendation from internship supervisor
• Final copies of all projects and/or assignments completed during the semester. Each entry should include a brief descriptive explanation of its purpose and your role in its creation on the facing page. Please print on company letterhead, if possible.
• Logs of internship hours (150 hours minimum). Use the log sheets you have been provided with. Each log must be signed by your supervisor. Unsigned log sheets will not be accepted.

Place your portfolio in either a professional portfolio case or in a professional 3-ring binder. Each page should be typed and encased in clear sheet protectors. Each entry should be clean and accurate (errors in format, punctuation, grammar, and spelling reflect poorly on your attention to detail and professionalism). Deviations from instructions will result in point deductions. Incomplete portfolios will result in a failing grade for the internship.

The portfolio is due the first day of scheduled final exams, unless otherwise specified.


Guidelines for Essay Alternatives

The following instructions apply only to those interns who have cleared this alternative with the internship co-ordinator and who are in internships where the normal production of materials for a portfolio does not apply.

Write a summary report (four-five pages) covering your internship experience utilizing material in your journal/log. Along with your paper, submit your time sheets, updated resume, and letter of recommendation, please. 

As always, your writing mechanics, spelling, etc. will factor into your grade.