Meet The Professors

by Kat Weigle

UTSA’s English department is known for attracting top-notch professorial talent. Here’s an opportunity to glimpse the personalities behind the PhDs!

Kenneth Walker, PhD.

Dr. Walker is the newest member of the Rhetoric and Composition cohort in the Department of English. Welcome to UTSA!

Would you like to share something about yourself that won't be found on your CV?

Yes. I've been married for seven years, and with my wife for fourteen years now. We have two children: Theo is 5, and Noura is 1.

How are you liking Texas?

I like San Antonio a lot. This is a beautiful city, and so far it has exceeded our expectations. I haven't really processed the fact that I live in Texas, yet.

What is your favorite class to teach?

I really enjoy teaching rhetorical theory, research methodology, environmental rhetoric, science and technology studies, and all kinds of professional writing courses.

What is your favorite field of research/specific research interests?

My favorite field of research is environmental rhetoric, and rhetoric of science and technology. Most of my research and teaching blends rhetoric, environment, science, technology, and culture.

What is your favorite space in San Antonio?

I think San Pedro Park is fascinating. It is truly one of the most historic city parks I've ever been to. The fact that the headwaters for San Antonio spring out of the center of the city fascinates me metaphorically, functionally, and, of course, rhetorically.

Is there a literary figure you could name who had a profound impact on you personally or academically?

Probably too many to mention, but a few are Donna Haraway, David Harvey, DH Lawrence, and I'm sure some other D.H. names who are slipping my mind right now.

Do you have a guilty pleasure, pop culture or otherwise?

Playing CrossyRoad with my son.

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