Contact Person: Rose Coste
Email: rose.coste@rackspace.com
Website: rackspace.com

Organization Description

Do you want to be part of creating the next generation of computing? Rackspace Cloud is the leading innovator in cloud computing, and we are defined by Fanatical Support—not just for our clients, but for our team. Rackers have the freedom to do great work, and the challenge of using their skill and ambition to drive the future of the Web. Rackspace Cloud provides on-demand scalable website, application, and storage hosting. We enable developers and business decision-makers to avoid the hassles and costs of dedicated hardware while offering the infinite scalability of the Cloud.

The Customer eXperience Content team at Rackspace is looking for an Intern Technical Writer. We will consider applicants from any field of study; we expect undergraduate or graduate students majoring in English or Computing Science are most likely to have the skills we need.

Intern Responsibilities

As an Intern Technical Writer, you will work under the direction of a Senior Technical Writer to create and maintain documentation supporting Rackspace's cloud software. Depending upon our needs and your abilities, we may assign you to write about our open-source software projects or our proprietary software products. We may ask you to create or improve a variety of document types such as booklength deployment procedures and article-length tutorials. Whatever you are writing, we're likely to ask you to interview software developers to collect ideas and examples and we'll definitely ask you to keep your work consistent with the work being done by the rest of the writing team. If you can draw or create any non-verbal illustrations or demonstrations, we're very likely to ask you to do some of that.

Skills Required

  • Evidence of your ability to create clear and correct standard written American English is required.
  • Provide that evidence in the Application Process described below.
  • Experience interviewing an expert on any subject and writing about that interview is a bonus.
  • Experience improving writing that you did not create is a bonus.
  • Experience with markup languages such as XML and HTML is a bonus.
  • Experience with wikis such as Confluence is a bonus.
  • Experience with content management systems such as Drupal is a bonus.
  • Experience with software development in any language is a bonus.

Application Process

Send three things to rose.coste@rackspace.com:

  • your résumé, emphasizing any experience or coursework that prepared you to be a technical writer
  • a brief writing sample, in which you introduce one computer-related concept (for example, backing up key data) and then provide clear instructions for one method of applying that concept (for example, configuring a schedule of automated data backups)
  • a brief and persuasive cover letter, emphasizing one way in which you meet the qualifications described under Skills Required and summarizing what you know about two things: how cloud software differs from the software on your personal computer; how technical writing differs from other kinds of writing

After we examine those three things, we may invite you to an interview and ask you to complete an official Rackspace job application.

Additional Information

You can see examples of the technical writing produced by the Rackspace Customer eXperience Content team at http://docs.rackspace.com/api/ and http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/.

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