UTSA Judith G. Gardner Writing Center

Contact Person: Martha Smith

Organization Description

Tutors must participate in two weeks of training before meeting with students. The Judith G. Gardner Center for Writing Excellence hires energetic and enthusiastic tutors to assist students in all levels of writing from all disciplines. Applicants should have the ability to balance their workloads, including their own classes, as well as their flexible schedules in the Writing Center.

Intern Responsibilities

Tutors are expected to put students first when in the Writing Center. Assisting students takes precedence over any personal work when the tutor is on shift. When students come for help, a tutor will stop what he or she is doing and walk up to the student, shake his or her hand, make introductions, and lead the student to a workspace.

The tutor should ask questions about the assignment and about the student’s goals before reading over a paper or draft. The tutor should feel comfortable asking the student to make notes on the draft, as opposed to taking control and writing tutor notes.

Skills Required

Tutors should be outgoing and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills. Students look to tutors for assistance and are in the Writing Center to learn something; therefore, the tutor’s goal is to work with the student, not take over. This is accomplished with interaction, as opposed to one-sided discourse.

Application Process

Additional Information

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