ClearChannel Communications, Inc.

Contact Person: Sheila Garcia
Address: 6222 Northwest I-H Ten, Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78201
Phone: 210-785-2182
Fax: 210-736-5506

Organization Description

Clear Channel Communications, Inc. is a rapidly growing, diversified media conglomerate with leading positions in the radio, outdoor advertising and television industries.

Intern Responsibilities

  • Annual Report, including design work, photo layouts, copy writing, copy proofing, copy editing coordination of all areas
  • "Station Break", the corporate newsletter, including prioritizing articles, editing material submitted, writing needed material, organizing photos, proofing final copy, approving bluelines
  • Plan Managers Meetings, writing and developing proposals to various companies
  • Plan all aspects of the meeting from agendas and speakers to transportation and special arrangements
  • Work closely with the non-profit and business community on projects with which Clear Channel is involved
  • Assist in promoting Clear Channel in the community

Skills Required

Application Process

Additional Information

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