Sue Hum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Ways of Seeing, Ways of Speaking: The Integration of Rhetoric and Vision in Constructing the Real

The essays in WAYS OF SEEING, WAYS OF SPEAKING: THE INTEGRATION OF RHETORIC AND VISION IN CONSTRUCTING THE REAL explore the intersections among image, word, and visual habits in shaping realities and subjectivities. Each of the nine authors addresses the following question: How is the constitution of our world and our identities composed of the intricate interweaving of imagery, rhetoric, and shared ways of seeing? Central to the essays comprising this book is the belief that how we articulate our realities and identities is inseparable from how we see reality and what we see as reality. Understanding any aspect of human existence-from scientific knowledge, to constructions of identity, to the interface of bodies and technologies-requires attention to the integration of ways of seeing and ways of speaking. WAYS OF SEEING, WAYS OF SPEAKING is groundbreaking in three ways. First, it is an exploration of the way in which our construction of the real is a communal activity involving image, rhetoric, and visual habits. Second, it provides insight into the dynamic by which any construction of the real-a knotting of rhetoric, imagery, and visual conventions-emerges, grows to dominance, and serves as a site of resistance. Third, these essays, jointly and individually, set a course for further work in analyzing the integration of image, rhetoric, and visual habits in myriad constructions of the real. CONTRIBUTORS Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Don Ihde, Alan Gross, Anne Frances Wysocki, Sue Hum, Gunther Kress, Catherine L. Hobbs, Mieke Bal, David Palumbo-Liu, Trinh T. Minh-ha, and Valentina Vitali

Available online here.

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