Department of English Internship ENG 4933


ENG 4933 is a 3-semester-credit hour course required for the B.A in English with a concentration in Professional Writing. ENG 4933 may be repeated once for credit; however, only 3 hours of internship may be applied to a student’s major in English. Students pursuing the B.A. in English or B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing may apply the internship as an upper-division 3 hour English elective or as support work.

Students report weekly to the Internship Coordinator through a Blackboard blog and meet with the coordinator at during the internship period. A final portfolio is also a significant part of a student’s grade.

Interns will work at their host site for 150 hours total during the semester. The host supervisor will evaluate and write a letter of recommendation for the intern at the end of the term. These elements factor into the student's internship class final grade.

Required Work Hours

16 week (Fall or Spring semesters) = 10-12 hours per week
10 week (Summer semester) = 13-15 hours per week

Enrollment Requirements

To enroll in ENG 4933, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Junior or Senior Classification
  • Minimum 3.0 UTSA G.P.A.
  • Completion of ENG 1013, ENG 1023, and ENG 2213
  • Completion of two Upper Division 3000-4000 level ENG courses

Did you know?

According to a survey conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Adecco staffing, nearly 30% of 500 recent college graduates wish they had done more networking before graduation. An overwhelming majority wish they had been better prepared for entering the tight and extremely competitive job market (Forbes). One of the best ways you can network and prepare for the job market is by working an internship.

Application Process

1. Schedule an appointment with your Department of English undergraduate advisor to verify your qualifications for the internship opportunity.

2. Complete the Internship Application Form and return it to the Internship Coordinator in Main 2.468 to receive permission to register for ENG 4933.

3. Look over available internships on our Facebook page at UTSA English Internship. Internships are also listed at Rowdy Jobs through the UTSA Career Center.

4. Schedule an interview with a potential internship sponsor. Before your interview, update your résumé and practice your interview skills. Visit the COLFA representatives at the UTSA Career Center for help and advice.

5. Once you have been accepted by a sponsor organization, contact the Internship Coordinator to obtain forms needed for registration, including a release form, time sheets, and course form.

Application Deadlines

Fall: Aug. 1st
Spring: Nov. 1st
Summer: May 1st

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