Master of Arts Degree in English Creative Thesis Option

Students interested in pursuing a Thesis Option in English should consult with the MA Graduate Advisor of Record and a prospective supervising faculty member early in their Programs of Study. University-wide requirements for Thesis Option (Option I) are detailed in the UTSA Graduate Catalog. The Thesis Option in English is consistent with these requirements, and it is the student’s responsibility to follow the University-wide requirements. The student should also obtain and follow the English Graduate office’s guidelines for the MA in English Thesis Option, including all thesis option requirements outlined under Program of Study, Intent to Write a Thesis, and Master’s Thesis Committee.

Thesis Option

Students who have completed 24 or more semester credit hours in an approved program of study with a grade point average of 3.5 (or better) may submit a thesis proposal, and upon approval by a supervising professor (the prospective Chair of the Thesis Committee) and the M.A. Graduate Program Committee, the student may elect to include 6 hours of ENG 6983, or ENG 6986 Master’s Thesis in their 12 elective hours. Students choosing to write a creative thesis must have completed, among their approved electives, 6 hours of ENG 5143, ENG 5153, or ENG 6043, 3 hours of which must be in the genre of the thesis. Students may enroll in ENG 6983 only after successfully completing the Master's Comprehensive Examination.

After the student has met the required GPA, and consulted with the MA Graduate Advisor of Record, the student should discuss the option with a prospective supervising professor. In addition to meeting all other requirements, the student interested in a creative thesis should note the following:

For the creative option, it is expected that the Chair of the student’s Thesis Committee be a member of the English Department's Creative Writing Committee. A list of the members of this committee is available from the department office. After the student receives approval for the creative thesis, (form available from the English Graduate office), it is highly recommended that the student then obtain approval to participate in at least three additional hours of ENG 6043, with or without credit, concurrent with being enrolled in ENG 6983. Normally, students are expected to complete the six hours of a creative thesis over consecutive semesters. 

The creative thesis option is intended to give serious writers with substantial workshop experience an opportunity to complete a significant book-length body of creative writing. The creative thesis option requires both dedication and discipline, as students are required to produce and edit numerous drafts of their work. This option is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate her/his own discipline, self-motivation, and ability to complete a lengthy project. 

When meeting with supervising faculty members, student should prepare copies of new and ongoing work for every meeting, unless otherwise arranged. Students should allow no less than two weeks for the Chair and committee members to review thesis draft work. A student who repeatedly fails to produce work or who fails to meet the required deadlines will be dropped from this option.

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