Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

Certificate Information

The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing is a twelve (12) credit hour concentration available to degree-seeking students who have been admitted to any UTSA graduate program, as well as non-degree seeking graduate students who meet all the requirements outlined in the UTSA Graduate Catalog.

The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing adds interdisciplinary breadth to a student's course of study while increasing the depth and coherence of students’ work in creative writing. Given the growing interest in creative writing in non-traditional disciplines of medicine, sociology, and psychology as well as in liberal arts, many students find this formal recognition of their work in Creative Writing to be a valuable credential in both academic and non-academic job markets. This certificate demands an active engagement in graduate-level creative writing classes. Students who are pursuing the Graduate Certificate also receive first consideration for graduate workshop registration.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate include twelve (12) credit hours of ENG 6043 repeated in any combination, but at least three (3) hours must be taken in poetry and at least three (3) hours in fiction. In order to receive certification, a B grade-point average (3.0) must be maintained in all creative writing courses.

For complete information and requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing, please see the online version of the UTSA Graduate Catalog.

Procedures and Program Contacts

Individuals interested in the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing should contact Dr. David Vance, Creative Writing Program Director. Students must submit a writing portfolio for approval by the graduate creative writing faculty.


Primary Specialization:

Dr. Wendy Barker, Poet in Residence, Professor

Ph.D., University of California at Davis, 1981, English
Poetry, Translation, Creative Non-Fiction

Dr. Kimberly Garza, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2019, Creative Writing and Literature
Fiction, Nonfiction, Mexican-American/Ethnic Literature

Dr. David Ray Vance, Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Houston, 2006, Creative Writing and Literature
Poetry, Poetics, Mixed Media Poetics

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