Norma E. Cantú, Ph.D.

Inside the Latin@ Experience: A Latin@ Studies Reader

Latinos comprise the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States, and this interdisciplinary anthology gathers the scholarship of early career and senior Latina/o scholars whose work explores the varied and uniquelatinidades, or Latino cultural identities, of this group. Using an interdisciplinary perspective, the authors deploy various theoretical tools to examine the realities and lived experience of Latinas/o in the United States. While the editors of the book in their method of organization seek to present a wide panoramic view of the Latina/o condition, the authors of the individual essays use specific methodologies: empirical, ethnographic, linguistic, and literary and textual analysis along with cultural studies and other appropriate approaches.

“This interdisciplinary project reflects the contemporary, transnational experiences of many Latinas/os and would prove an important addition to our understanding of Latin culture and experience in the United States. The collection explores a number of interesting areas, some of which have only had only cursory attention by scholars in the past. This broad focus is clearly one of the collections strengths, since it allows one to create connections across different disciplines and to recognize, for instance, the ways in which the twentieth century legal challenges faced by Latinas/os inform our understanding of the ways in which Latinas/os are marginalized from positions of power in the U.S. military. The book will appeal to undergraduates and graduates as well as scholars in the field.” 
— Kevin Concannon, Assistant Professor of English at Texas A&M--Corpus Christi

Available online here.

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