Wendy Barker, Ph.D.
Professor; Poet in Residence

Poems From Paradise

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"With the seemingly simple use of spare color, deliberate lighting, and delicate textures, this beautiful book captures the complexities and subtleties that we can only understand as paradise. It left me breathless. It does this in a most evocative, sensual, and modest form. Barker tells the story of paradise in the voice of Eve, beautifully aching, terribly innocent, and in hopelessly in love with her partner. Each poem is like a morsel from earthly heaven, more delicious than the last. Like no other collection I've read before, I finished this book in one sitting. It relives the most intimate moments between lovers who cannot help exploring the heights and depths of their human limits, their new understandings, and this amazing planet we in habit. It is a celebration of love and creation, in all of the generous bounty we can hope to grasp."

—N. Trevino

Available online here.

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