Mark E. Allen, Ph.D.

Annotated Chaucer Bibliography, 1986-1996

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This useful book is the compilation of bibliographical information accumulated over eleven years (1986-1996) in the annual publication of the New Chaucer Society, Studies in the Age of Chaucer. Features of this comprehensive work include an extensive subject index and a descriptive annotation for each entry that identifies the nature of the study and clarifies its utility or argument. These annotations are the work of a large number of scholars and have been carefully updated, corrected, and supplemented. An important component of the Annotated Chaucer Bibliography is its single-codex format, which enables users to peruse eleven years of Chaucer bibliography comprehensively. This is especially valuable for recognizing patterns or trends in individual works or topics. The majority of the entries and their annotations are also available in the electronic format of the Chaucer Online Bibliography, making possible title, author, and keyword searches of the data included in this volume.

Available online here.

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