Study Abroad - The Caribbean

Summer TBA: The Caribbean Literature & Culture

This four-week course taught at UTSA, Jamaica, and Cuba will explore how the constructions of race, gender, class, sexualtiy and The Enslaved influences the literatures, theories, folklore, and cultural ways of the Hispanophone and Anglophone Caribbean.

The first experience on each island centers on a plantation visit and reminder of how the enslavement of Africans initiated the rich traditions and painful freedom fights that this course will explore in the literature and cultures of Panama and Jamaica. From the plantation, our study will expand to a study of now the experience of the African and the ensuing political movements of Negrismo (Hispanophone Caribbean countries) and PanAfricanism (Anglophone Caribbean countries) produced a unique literary experience that also fashioned music, folklore, and religion. Dates: TBA.

The course will be open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students and will count for six credit hours. If you are interested in this unique opportunity, contact Dr. Kinitra Brooks (

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