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  • Latin: unus, duo, tres

  • Hindi: ek, do, tin

  • Russian: odin, dva, tri

  • Greek: heis, duo, treis

  • English: one, two, three

There's something similar about all these numbers-but what could explain the resemblance, in such geographically distant languages? Is it just coincidence? Something in our genes? Something we got from aliens? Or is it possible that all these languages came from the same source?


Learn how to be a "language detective"! You'll get to discover first hand how linguists, anthropologists, and archeologists work together to reconstruct our ancient linguistic ancestor, Proto-Indo-European. You'll have a chance to do some real "reconstruction" yourself at a computer lab at UTSA; you'll work on real data with professors from UTSA and UT-Austin, and have lots of other "hands-on" cultural experiences. Come and learn where our language came from, and how much of the ancient past still exists in our language today!