Thursday, November 4, 2010

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7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Registration & Information (Palm Foyer)

7:30 am – 9:30 am

Breakfast (Ballroom Foyer)

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Book Exhibits (Retama)



Workshops DAy 1


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

8:00 – 9: 45

New Ways of Analyzing Sociosyntactic Variation




Stefan Grondelaers

Dirk Speelman




Towards Best Practices in Sociophonetics





Marianna Di Paolo

Malcah Yaeger-Dror

Christopher Cieri

Stephanie Strassel

Zsuzsanna Fagyal

Language Diversity in the Curriculum: Principles and Programs




Walt Wolfram

Jeff Reaser






9:45 - 10:00    BREAK




Paper Session 1


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Pop Culture

American English Grammar

US Variation

Acquisition & Bilinguialism


Chair: Mary Bucholtz

Chair: Cathleen Waters

Chair: Jeff Mielke

Chair: Malcah Yaeger-Dror

10:00 – 10:25

Flight of the Conchords: Performance and Hyper-Performance to Construct Styles




Turns Out They Weren't Much of a Stretch: Variable Patterns of Structural Persistence



Howe, Heller

The Influence of Education, Township, and Interviewer on the Speech of Black Women in the Mississippi



A Comprehensive Look at Variation and Change in a Mexican American Community



Thomas, Kendall, Schouten

10:25 – 10:50

Variation in Speech Tempo: Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and All 0f Us In Between




Structural Priming and the Perception Of Morphosyntactic Variation: A Psycholinguistic Method for Sociolinguistic Questions



New England Borderlands: A New Investigation of the East-West Dialect Boundary



Leddy-Cecere, Baclawski, Byrne, De La Torre, Dei-Baning

The Phonetics/Phonology Distinction in Second Dialect Acquisition by Adults




10:50 – 11:15

Meaning Variation in Online Environments: The Case of ^ and <--




Perception of Sociolinguistic Variation: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials


Loudermilk, Gutierrez, Corina

Phonetic and Phonological Variation in the English of Caribbean Immigrants in New York City



Language Acquisition from “Non-Native” Speakers: The Case of Kurds in Turkey




11:15 – 11:40

Code-Switching and Hip Hop in Japanese



Tsujimura, Davis

The Sociolinguistic Construction of the Urban/Rural Divide in Missouri




Who Speaks New Orleans English?





Rhythm and Vowel Space: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Language Contact






11:30 - 1:00    LUNCH PROVIDED

Las Ramblas, Cypress Room, and The Atrium



Paper Session 2


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Organized Panel 1

Toronto Canadian English

Spanish in South America



Chair: Lars Hinrichs

Chair: Ronald Beline Mendes

Chair: Marta Scherre

Chair: Elvind Torgersen

1:00 – 1:25

Variation and Change in Texas English


Hinrichs, Di Paolo,

Bigham, Brunner

Grammatical Variation and the Sociolinguistic Monitor: Plural Existentials in Toronto English



Effects of Native Voicing Variation on the Perception of Non-native Voicing Contrasts



Dialect Levelling, Maintenance, and Ideology in Rural Valdres, Norway




1:25 – 1:50

The Trajectories of General Extenders from a Transatlantic Perspective



Prosody in Córdoba, Argentina: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Tonada Cordobesa



Articulation Rate in Scandinavian Languages: Variation in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Radio News


Hilton, Schuppert, Gooskens

1:50 – 2:15

The Ups and Downs of Canadian Vowels: Canadian Raising and Ethnicity in Toronto



Accent or Interlanguage: Ideologically-driven Sound Change in Amazonian Indian Spanish



On the Relationship between Vowel Acoustics and Auditory Classification


Hansen, Pharao



2:15 - 2:30      BREAK




Paper Session 3


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


AAL Vowels

Gender & Global Variation

Spanish & Portuguese Variation

Thai, Chinese, and Tibetan


Chair: Simonique Moody

Chair: Sarah Benor

Chair: Rafael E. Orozco

Chair: Nicté Fuller Medina

2:30 – 5:55

Vowel Duration in AAE: does Tense vs. Lax Matter?




Negotiations of Future Agency Among Older Southern Women



Lide, McKinney

Social Factors in Diachronic Variationist Research




Living in LA: Thai Language in Diaspora




2:55 – 3:20

Real-Time Data and Communal Change in Washington, DC, African American Vernacular English


Schilling, Jamsu

Doing Cuteness in Korea: It’s About How, Not About How Much




Beyond Impressions of [ð]-Deletion in Spanish: Phonetic Implications of Morphosyntactic Change



Variation in Nanchang Gan





3:20 – 3:45

“I Ain't Lying":  The Role of Voice Quality in Constructing (in)Authentic Identity




Gender, Prescriptivism, and Language Change: A New Way of Analyzing Morphological Variation in Hebrew



(Un)Systematic Variants in Endangered Languages: Judeo-Spanish Subordinate Clauses




The Enregisterment of a New Mandarin Style: An Integrated Approach to Linguistic Innovation




3:45 – 4:10

The Interaction of Transmission and Diffusion in the Spread of Linguistic Forms



Cukor-Avila, Bailey

Experimental Sociophonetics: What Performative Readings Suggest




Sounding Paulistano: Variation and Correlation in São Paulo 




“They Say ‘Lan’, I Say ‘Lam’”: Variation of Coda [m] in Amdo Rongskad Tibetan






4:10 - 4:30      BREAK




Paper Session 4


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Phonetics Dutch and English

American Ethnic Variation

English-based Creoles

Heritage/Native Language


Chair: Jennifer Cramer

Chair: Alexandra D’Arcy

Chair: Mary Zeigler

Chair: Zsuzsanna Fagyal-Le Mentec

4:30 – 4:55

Blowing Smoke: A Multi-Method Case Study Searching for Deception in the Tobacco Industry



A Typological View Of Questions And Syntactic Variation in African American English




Who Said What? Internal and Social Factors in Guyanese Creole Relativization



Emergent Communicative Norm in a Contact Language: Indirect Requests in Heritage Russian


Dubinina, Malamud

4:55 – 5:20

The Vowel Space Paradox: A Case Study of Dutch



Van der Harst, Van Hout,

Van de Velde

Variation in Diversity and Diversity in Variation: Hmong American English in Minnesota



The Transitional Generation: A Border Group in Language Shift




Pro-drop in Heritage Languages: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Contact-Induced Change


Nagy, Aghdasi, Denis,

Motut, Uscher

5:20 – 5:45

Evaluating the Social Meaning of Accent Strength: the Different Role of Status and Attractiveness


Grondalaers, Van Hout

Sociolinguistic Principles in the Maintenance of Substrate Influence




Stigma, Covert Prestige, and the Continuum: The Special Case of Vernacular Liberian English



Ethnic Construction on the Borderlands: “Native American-Accented English”


Walker, Newmark



5:45 - 7:15      DINNER BREAK




7:15 – 7:30

Ricardo Romo, President,

University of Texas at San Antonio


Daniel Gelo, Dean,

College of Liberal and Fine Arts, University of Texas at San Antonio

Welcome Remarks





Intersectionality and Language Variation Research

Chair: Sonja L. Lanehart, University of Texas at San Antonio


Hotel Contessa Ballroom

7:30 – 9:00 PM



Intersectionality Theory:

What It Is and Why It Matters to Variationists

Andrew Wong

California State University-Eastbay



Doing Intersectionality in Interaction:

Performing Race across Multiple Social Axes

H. Samy Alim

Stanford University





Cork Bar Atrium

Music Performed by Eva Ybarra Y Su Conjunto

9:00 – 10:30 PM




Friday, November 5, 2010










7:30 am – 6:00 pm

Registration & Information (Palm Foyer)

7:30 am – 9:30 am

Breakfast (Ballroom Foyer)

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Book Exhibits (Retama)



Workshops & Organized panel DAy 2


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room

Organized Panel 3

8:00 – 9: 45

PLOTNIK/PRAAT Interaction and Automatic Vowel Analysis






William Labov

Ingrid Rosenfelder


Quantitative Analysis with Rbrul and R






Daniel Ezra Johnson


Participants, Purpose, and Process: An Interactive Workshop on Data Collection in Variationist Sociolinguistics




Christine Mallinson

Becky Childs

Gerard van Herk

“We Specialize in the Wholly Impossible”: The Search for Dignity and Respect for Black Speech Practices




Troutman, Koonce,




9:45 - 10:00    BREAK




Paper Session 5


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


American Dialect Society

Sponsored Session

Canadian English

Applied Linguistics

New Zealand English & Japanese






10:00 – 10:25

“You Might Be Cajun If...”: Exaggeration of Cajun English Features in Boudreaux and Thibodeaux Jokes



The Genitive in Today’s World or the Genitive in the World of Today




Tagliamonte, Jankowski

“Poor Baby, You Got a Boo-Boo!”: Sound Symbolism in Adult Baby Talk




It’s So Very Gradual: Intensification in Longitudinal Perspective





10:25 – 10:50

Diverse Linguistic Resources and Multidimensional Identities of American-Born Chinese Youths



Reshaping the Vowel System: An Index of Phonetic Innovation in Canadian English



Applied Linguistics: The Import Of Sociolinguistics For Medical Research


Chand, Bonnici

‘Goodbye Hello Kitty’: Language and Identity Practices in an Online Community of Anti-Cute Girls


Young, D’Arcy

10:50 – 11:15

Language, Ideology and Oppositional Identity in Rural Eastern Kentucky




The Phonetics-Phonology Interface in the Canadian Shift




Rising Intonation in Students' Responses to Teachers' Questions: A Face-Saving Strategy



The Role of Lexical Semantics in Innovative Construction




11:15 – 11:40

I Might Not Would Say That: A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Double Modal Acceptance




The In-Crowd and the _Oat_Casts: Diphthongs and Identity in a Cape Breton High School.




Think Linguistically, Act Locally: Language Awareness in a Non-University Teacher Preparation Program



Coexistence of Contradictory Meanings of a Variable: Phrasal Final Lengthening in Speech of a Japanese





11:30 - 1:00    LUNCH PROVIDED

Las Ramblas and The Atrium

11:45 – 1:00    Professional Development Roundtable Lunch (sign-up requested)

Hotel Contessa Ballroom



1:00 – 2:05      POSTER SESSION

Poster 1

Panayiotis pappas, Meghan Jeffrey

The Corpus of British Columbia English: Some Early Results

Poster 2

Alvaro Cerron-Palomino

Challenging the Accessibility Hierarchy: Resumptive Pronouns in Spanish

Poster 3

Patrick Schultz

Ship English

Poster 4

Xin Zhao

Standard Vs. Non-Standard Mandarin in Multiple Translations

Poster 5

Laurel MacKenzie

Contraction Beyond the Copula

Poster 6

Eric Acton

Date-Uh Analysis: On Gender Differences in the Distribution of Um and Uh

Poster 7

Wendy Baker, Lyndsay Nay

American English Listeners’ Discrimination of Australian, South African and Southeast England Varieties

Poster 8

Mary Beaton

The Restructuring of First-Person Plural Subjects in Rio de Janeiro Portuguese

Poster 9

Cecily Whitworth

Handshapes and Hand Configurations in Amarenga y'Ikinyarwanda

Poster 10

Heather Sturman

Time Online: Tense Marking by Advanced Ells in Electronic Chat

Poster 11

Mary Johnson, John Grinstead

Variation in the Voseo and Tuteo Negative Imperatives in Argentine Spanish

Poster 12

Paul DeDecker, Jennifer Nycz

For the Record: Which Digital Media Are Good Enough for Sociophonetic Analysis?

Poster 13

Matt Garley

Keep Your Eimsbush Clean, Digga!: Hip Hop’s Unique Role in Language Change in Hamburg

Poster 14

Alena Barysevich

Lexical Variation and Change in Canadian French

Poster 15

Marina Terkourafi

Researching Pragmatic Variation

Poster 16

Panayiotis Pappas

A Sociolinguistic Marker in Cypriot Greek: Variation Between [lj] & [gj]

Poster 17

Jeff Mielke

The Frequency of Segmental Alternations: Implications for Sociolinguistic Variation

Poster 18

Kalaivahni Muthiah

Fictionalized Indian English Speech and Hypermasculinity in Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakistan

Poster 19

Marta Scherre, Carolina Andrade

The Brazilian Imperative and Brazilianness

Poster 20

Katherine Matsumoto-Gray

Politeness and Speaker Investment: A Sociolinguistic Study of Politeness in Political Conversations

Poster 21

Jennifer Moen

Performing Texas Talk: Identifying Oneself in Relation to Others

Poster 22

Yoshiyuki Asahi

On the Stability of a New Town Koine: Evidence from a Japanese New Town

Poster 23

Derya Agis

Bread, Water, and Milk in Sephardic Proverbs and Idioms

Poster 24

Viktoria Papp

Gendered Formant Typology of American English Dialects in the TIMIT Spoken Corpus


1:00 – 2:05      ROUNDTABLE SESSION

Roundtable 1:

Class & Identity

Janet Fuller

Intersections of Class and Gender: English Proficiency as a Marker of Middle Class Femininities

Catherine Davies

Language and (Anti)Cultural Capital on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Roundtable 2:

US Variation

Gabriela Alfaraz, Dora Martín-Cabera

A Look at Spanish Dialect Contact in the US

Jinsok Lee

Raising the Identity: A Case on New York City FACE Vowel Upgliding between Two New Jersey Korean Americans

Roundtable 3:

Discourse Analysis

Isabelle Buchstaller

Quotations Across the Generations

Anthony Koth

Stancetaking in Dialect Creates Stereotype

Roundtable 4:


Jessica Spieker

Word Frequency Effect on Variation in Canadian Hip Hop Lyrics: Inhibiting ‘Decanadiancization

Jesse Abing

Gender, Sexual Orientation and Personal Pronoun Use in Storytelling

Roundtable 5:


M. MacLagan, C. Watson, J. King, S. Bier, R. Harlow, P. Keegan

Identification of Maori and English from Minimal Pitch/Rhythm Cues

Penny Eckert

Opportunistic Iconicity

Roundtable 6:

Variable Analysis

Iera Zinkunegi Uzkudun

The Relevance of Language Dominance in Basque Spanish Syntax

Maria Serrano

(New) Ways of Analyzing Syntactic Variation: Cognitive Traits and Style in Usted/Ustedes Variation

Roundtable 7:

AAL Stereotypes

Shahara’Tova Dente

“Talking White”

Kemeshia Randle

“Chopped and Screwed”: The Right Wrongness of AAVE in Hip Hop

Kedra James

New Names, New Trends, Same Stereotypes: Exploring AAE and Naming Patterns in the African American Community



2:05 - 2:20      BREAK



Paper Session 6


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Ethnicity & Identity

Quantitative Analysis

Varia: Scottish & Sign Language

Portuguese Grammar


Chair: Naomi Nagy

Chair: Ronald Macaulay


Chair: Lewis Chad Howe

2:20 – 2:45

Motivations for Regional Accommodation: Racial and National Identity Construction among Mexican Americans



The Emergence of Regional Linguistic Variation: A Computer Simulation



Grieve, Speelman, Geeraerts

Differential Patterning of Variants in a Postinsular Speech Community





Simple vs. Periphrastic Future in Brazilian Portuguese: A Trend Study





2:45 – 3:10

African American English and the Making of Latinidad: Mapping the Complexities of Social Formation



Innovators Across Innovations: Exploring Co-Variables In Linguistic Change


Tagliamonte, Waters

The Effects of a Border: A Detailed Examination of Production, Attitude and Perception


Watt, Llamas, Docherty,

Hall, Nycz

Variation in European Portuguese: Periphrastic Expressions of Obligation



3:10 – 3:35

Integrating the Implicit Attitudes Test into Language Attitudes Research: An Interdisciplinary Approach



Developing a New Quantitative Method for Analyzing Variation in Narratives



Bounds, Hettel

Black and White Signing Space: A Case of Convergence?




Hill, McCaskill, Bayley, Lucas

Wh-Interrogatives in Brazilian Portuguese: The Influence of Common Ground




3:35 – 4:00

Language and Ethnicity in Disney





When Cot Becomes Caught





Lexical Variation and Change in British Sign Language



Stamp, Schembri, Fenlon, Rentelis

Variation in Anaphoric Direct Object Expression Across Portuguese Dialects


Schwenter, Silva



4:00 - 4:15      BREAK




Paper Session 7


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Organized Panel 4

East v West Coast Amer. English

Bajan & Hawaiian

French Variation



Chair: Kara Becker



4:15 – 4:40

“Variation in Less Commonly Studied Minority Languages”




Stanford, Daleszynska,

Robson, Romero


The White Is More Firm, And The Yolk Is Rounder: Comparative Variation In American Spoken English



Black at Heart: Insights from the Relatives in Little England (Barbados)



Don’t Stop Now: Interdental Fricatives in Labrador Inuit English




4:40 – 5:05

The Sixth Borough?: Jersey City's Place in New York City English



Coggshall, Ellis

A Variationist Approach to Bajan Question Inversion



Melnick, Rickford

Socio-Stylistic Reflexes of Syntactic Change in Old French




5:05 – 5:30

Seattle to Spokane: Mapping English in Washington State




Phonemic Variation in the Hawai’i Tokelauan Diaspora




The Impact of Language Revival on Linguistic Structure: Neuter Subject Pronouns in Picard



5:30 – 5:55

The Diffusion of Linguistic Patterns across Communal Groups






5:55 - 6:15      BREAK






Language Variation Research in Racially & Ethnically Diverse Groups

Chair: Maryellen Garcia, University of Texas at San Antonio


Hotel contessa ballroom

6:15 – 7:15 PM



Social Variables and Spanish Speakers in the U.S.:

Data Collection Concerns

Nydia Flores

Rutgers University







Graduate Student Mixer Hosted by Rice University

Rio Rio Cantina




Saturday, November 6, 2010




7:30 am – 3:00 pm

Registration & Information (Palm Foyer)

7:30 am – 9:30 am

Breakfast (Ballroom Foyer)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Book Exhibits (Retama)



Workshops DAy 3


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

8:00 – 9: 45

Using Statistical Tools to Explain Linguistic Variation


Goldvarb, Still the Gold Standard

Greg Guy


Interaction Effects Using Goldvarb

Robert Sigley


Why stepwise isn't so wise

Daniel Ezra Johnson


A Novice¹s Guide to Understanding Mixed Effects Models

Katie Drager & Jen Hay


Random Forests for Variation and Change

Sali A. Tagliamonte & R. Harald Baayen




William Kretzschmar

John Nerbonne

Paulina Bounds













Issues in Field Methodologies in Younger Populations


Maryam Baht

Mary Bucholtz

Penny Eckert

Lea Harper

Amy Wong













9:45 - 10:00    BREAK



Paper Session 8


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Organized Panel 4A

AAL through the Lifespan

Phonetics in American English

Dominican & U.S. Spanish


Chair: Scott Kiesling



Chair: Phillip Carter

10:00 – 10:25

Explaining Class (Part 1)


Gradoville, Diaz-Campos, Fafulas; Theodoropoulou; Dodsworth; Baran

Childhood Copula Development in African American English




Spectral Profiles and Profiling Intoxicated Speakers



Williams, Purnell

Lost and Found in Rural Dominican Spanish: /S/ Deletion and Hypercorrection


Bullock, Toribio,


10:25 – 10:50

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Vowel Spaces in Childhood and Adolescent African American English


Kohn, Farrington, Ethier

Nasalization as a Sociolinguistic Marker





Dominican Identity and Language Choice in the Puerto Rican Diaspora




Suárez Büdenbender

10:50 – 11:15

Reconsidering Vernacularity and Formality in Peer Interaction: a Longitudinal Perspective



Multiple Measures of L-Vocalization




Hall-Lew, Fix

Using Variability to Test Cross-Linguistic Functional Equivalence: Spanish Expressed Yo and English


Travis, Torres Cacoullos

11:15 – 11:40

Investigating a Caregiver’s Influence on Vernacularity



Van Hofwegen

Nasal Short-a Systems vs. the Northern Cities Shift




Exemplar Theory & Variable Syntax: How Lexical Frequency Conditions Subject Pronoun Use in Spanish


Erker, Guy



11:30 - 1:00    LUNCH PROVIDED

Las Ramblas and The Atrium


Cypress Room


Paper Session 9


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Organized Panel 4B

Sex and Gender


North American French & English


Chair: Scott Kiesling

Chair: Uri Horesh



1:00 – 1:25

Explaining Class (Part 2)


Adli; Maegaard; Kiesling

Communicative Profiles: A New Model of Analysis Linking Sociolinguistic and Linguistic Data of Bilingual Speakers


A Comparison of Pitch Accent Types and Frequencies in Intonation of AAE and EAE Speakers in Raleigh


McLarty, Thomas

The Evolution of Discourse ‘like’ in Quebec English




1:25 – 1:50

A Variationist Approach to Sex: Statistics and the Construction of Social Meaning.



Fuller Medina, Roy

Meaningful Variation and Bidirectional Change in Rural Child and Adolescent Language




The Effect of Language Restriction in Ontario French: The Case of Future Temporal Reference in Diachrony



1:50 – 2:15

Voice Quality Variation and Gender in Washington, DC



Podesva, Lee

‘t-to-r’ in British English: Word Frequency, Constructions, and Sociolinguistics


Watson, Clark

Back to Back: The Linguistic Trajectory of an Old Borrowing






2:15 - 2:30      BREAK




Paper Session 10


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Performing Ethnicity


Phonetics in Action

British English





Chair: John Singler

2:30 – 2:55

“Sounding Asian” in American English: Perceptual Recognition and the Saliency of Ethnic Categories



Operationalizing Sexuality within Sociophonetic Variation




Why Do English Speakers Neutralize VOICING Finally?



Annear, Clare, Groh, Simonsen, Purnell, Salmons

Applying Geographical Sampling Methods to Regional Dialectology in North East England


Buchstaller, Alvanides

2:55 – 3:20

Preaching Persona: An Analysis of Prosodic and Genre Variation in a Performance



On The Homogeneity Of Heteronormative Masculinity: Explaining Straight-Sounding Speech



Examining Listeners’ Use of Sociolinguistic Information During Early Phonetic Judgments



One /æ/ or Two?: Observing a Phonemic Split in Progress in the Southwest of England



3:20 – 3:45

A New Intersection of Language and Ethnicity



Baxter, Peters

The (In)Compatibility of Sounding Gay and Sounding Southern




Complex Systems and Sociolinguistics in Roswell



Kretzschmar, Dunn

A Study of Rhythm in London: Is Syllable-Timing a Feature of Multicultural London English?



Torgersen, Szakay

3:45 – 4:10

Ethnicity Effects on the Perception Of /T/- and /D/-Glottalization


Koops, Niedzielski

Perceived Style, Sexuality, and Pitch: An Experimental Approach


Drager, Salter, Macinkowicz

Children of Foreign Immigrants and the Cot-Caught Merger



Negative Concord in Traditional Dialects of England





4:10 - 4:30      BREAK




Paper Session 11


Anaqua Room

Palm Room

Magnolia Room

Laurel Room


Organized Panel 5

Spanish in Mexico

Newfoundland Grammar

Southern English




Chair: Joseph Roy


4:30 – 4:55

The “New” Situation: A Sociolinguistic Investigation of the “Jersey Shore”



Bakht, Coggshall, Valentinsson, Newlin-Lukowicz, Rohena-Madrazo, Nguyen, Acosta

The Perfect in Blogging: A Crossdialectal Study in Spanish





Stop & Go (Away): Linguistic Consequences of Non-Local Aspirations Among Small-Town Newfoundland Youth


Knee, Van Herk

Louisville and the Southern Vowel Shift: Varying Levels of Southernness at the Border




4:55 – 5:20

Veracruz Speech Perceptions: A Preliminary Study





Verbal –s in Vernacular Newfoundland English: A Combined Variationist and Formal Account of Grammat



Perception and Drawl: “Breaking” in North Alabama Vowels





5:20 – 5:45

Word Order Variation in Irapuato, Mexico: Unaccusativity and the Influence of Cyclical Migrant Spanish



Relatively Standard: Identity and Relative Clause Marking in a Community Undergoing Social Change



Way Down South in Oklahoma





Preston, Bakos



5:45 - 6:30      DINNER BREAK






“New” Interdisciplinary Ways of Analyzing Language Variation

Chair: Lars Hinrichs, University of Texas at Austin


Hotel contessa ballroom

6:30 – 8:00 PM



Linguistics, Law Enforcement, and the Law: Some interdisciplinary and sociolinguistic insights

John Baugh

Washington University at St. Louis



Borrowing and Lending:

Contributions to the Study of Language and Social Stratification across Sociolinguistics, Sociology, and Education

Christine Mallinson

University of Maryland, Baltimore County





Hotel Contessa