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College of Liberal and Fine Arts


14th Annual Spring Research Conference Winners

March 25, 2014

Thank you to all of the talented participants of the 14th Annual Spring Research Conference! This year, over 70 students presented high-quality research and creative works in an engaging multidisciplinary context.

A special congratulations goes out to the conference winners (see photos on the conference page):

Creative Writing, Graduate

1st Place, Erika Said White; 2nd Place, Trudi Carter; 3rd Place, Stephanie Almanza.

Creative Writing, Undergraduate

1st Place, Mary Dustin Estrada; 2nd Place, Sara Flores; 3rd Place, Larissa Abrego Hernandez.

Research Paper, Graduate

1st Place, Janeth Martinez; 2nd Place, Kort Jackson; 3rd Place, Michael Ely.

Research Paper, Undergraduate

1st Place, Prativa Upadhaya; 2nd Place, Ariana Trevino; 3rd Place, Alexis Haight.

Work of Art, Graduate

1st Place, Justin Korver; 2nd Place, Brittany Ham; 3rd Place, Trent Hebert.

Work of Art, Undergraduate

1st Place, Alyssa Rodriguez; 2nd Place, Ana Isabel Cantú; 3rd Place, Chris Ramos.

Music, Graduate

1st Place, Micah Bland; 2nd Place, Matthew Evans; 3rd Place, Derek Adam.

Music, Undergraduate

1st Place, Fabian Beltran; 2nd Place, Stefan Greenfield-Casas; 3rd Place, Gregory Obregon.

Research Poster, Graduate

1st Place, Willie Hale; 2nd Place, Emily Lloyd; 3rd Place, Jennifer Torpie-Sweterlitsch.

Research Poster, Undergraduate

1st Place, Trisha Hinojosa; 2nd Place, Lisa R. Oakes; 3rd Place, Danielle Chapa.

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