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Latin American Studies Minor Courses

Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu, Wikimedia Commons.

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions of the world, encompassing Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  The Minor in Latin American Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the political, cultural, historical, economical and societal processes and systems of this region. Considering its multidisciplinary nature, the minor draws on courses from different disciplines like History, Anthropology, Political Sciences, Modern Languages and Art History among many others.  

All students pursuing a minor In Latin American Studies must complete 18 semester credit hours. In order to promote a multidisciplinary education, COLFA students must take at least 6 credit hours outside their major. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Spanish language courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature, participate in an International Education program (or study abroad) Latin America, and take advantage of a variety of  internship opportunities.

Course Options:

Students must choose 18 semester credit hours from the following courses. Students must take 6 of these credit hours outside of their major.

In addition to the courses outlined below, study abroad programs and courses taken as a part of an international education program in Latin America also qualify for the minor.


  • ANT 3273. Civilizations of Mexico
  • ANT 3303. Nature and Culture in Greater Amazonia
  • ANT 3253. The Archeology of South America
  • ANT 3303. Nature and Culture in Greater Amazonia
  • ANT 3363. Indians of Mesoamerica
  • ANT 3403. Field Course in Archaeology (when topic includes Latin American content
  • ANT 3723. Ancient Civilizations

Art/Art History

  • AHC 3423. Arts of Ancient Mesoamerica
  • AHC 3523. Latin American Art
  • AHC 4333. Topics in Art History and Criticism (topics with Latin American content are offered every semester)

Geography/Global Affairs/Political Science

  • GRG 3123. Geography of Latin America
  • GRG 3143. Geography of Mexico
  • GLA/POL 3393. Latin American Politics
  • GLA/POL 3453. Politics of Mexico
  • GLA 3473/POL 3743. Latin America in the World
  • GLA/POL 3593. Topics in Latin American Security


  • HIS 2533. Introduction to Latin American Civilization        
  • HIS 3033. The Spanish and Mexican Borderlands   
  • HIS 3123. Colonial Texas under Spanish and Mexican Rule to 1836          
  • HIS 3293. Imperial Spain      
  • HIS 3303. History of Mexico
  • HIS 3313. History of U.S. Relations with Latin America     
  • HIS 3353. Latin America since Independence
  • HIS 3363 History of Cuba     
  • HIS 3373. Revolution in Latin America        
  • HIS 3393 Women in Mexican History
  • HIS 3403. Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 3803. World History in the Cinema (when topic includes Latin American content) 
  • HIS 3983. Women and Gender in Latin America     

Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)

  • SPN 3153. Spanish for the Business/Management Fields
  • SPN 3423 Latin American Literature to Modernism
  • SPN 3463. Latin American Literature to Modernism
  • SPN 3473. Latin American Literature since Modernism
  • SPN 3623. Latin American Culture and Civilization
  • SPN 4203. Topics in Hispanic Literatures
  • SPN 4303. Topics in Hispanic Cultures


  • MUS 2693. The Music of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • MUS 2243. World Music (emphasis in LA music)


  • SOC 3433. Mexican Immigration and U.S. Society  


  • SPN 1014. Elementary Spanish I. (3-2) 4 Credit Hours
  • SPN 1024. Elementary Spanish II. (3-2) 4 Credit Hours
  • SPN 2013. Intermediate Spanish I. (3-1) 3 Credit Hours
  • SPN 2023. Intermediate Spanish II. (3-1) 3 Credit Hours

Courses outside COLFA:

Classes from other colleges that have Latin American content may be substituted for any of the elective courses outline above up to a maximum of 9 credits.**


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