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College of Liberal and Fine Arts


Latin American Art & Culture Colloquium: Gina McDaniel Tarver

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 11:30am – 12:30pm

Faculty Center Assembly Room, John Peace Library, 4th Floor

The UTSA College Of Liberal and Fine Arts and Department of Art & Art History is proud to present the "Latin American Art & Culture Colloquium: A Lecture Series

Gina McDaniel Tarver (Associate Professor of Art History, Trinity University) - "Natural (and Unnatural) History in Contemporary Columbian Art"

The lecture is free and open to Students, Faculty, and the Public.

With the aim of contributing to UTSA’s Latin American Initiative, the Department of Art and Art History’s Dr. Teresa Eckmann and Dr. Juliet Wiersema host this lecture series focused on the art, history, and culture of Latin America, past and present. Speakers come from varying humanistic disciplines including art and art history, history, anthropology, achaeology, architecture, and philosophy.

Sponsored by: UTSA President Ricardo Romo, UTSA COLFA Dean Dan Gelo, UTSA Vice Provost for Internaitonal Initiatives René Zenteno, The UTSA Department of Art & Art History.

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