College of Liberal and Fine Arts

2019 Spring Research Conference Awards

2019 Awardees


Graduate Students

1. Joanna Woods (HIS)

The Politics of Domination: Inequality and Division in San Antonio


2. Keyara Austin (HIS)

John Brown Rides Again: The Centennial of John Brown's Raid


3. Christian William Culak (PHI)

Dream Beliefs


4. Grant Elliott Streeter (HIS)

Changing Course: Environmental Migration and the 1927 Mississippi River Flood


5. Christian Sheumaker (ANT)

Tasking the Landscape: Spatio-Temporal Movement at Wari Camp, Belize


Undergraduate Students

1. Elise Williams (HUM)

What is a Good Patient? Insights from the Philosophy of Medicine


2. Matthew Lawson (ENG)

"Luckless Man” or Knowing Agent?: Anse as Conjurer in As I Lay Dying


3. Tyler Young (HUM)

Confucianism: A Better Principlism in Bioethics


4. Gavin Gray (HIS)

The Ideological Foundation of the People’s Party of Texas


5. Katarina Gasic (ANT)

An Ethnography of Clothing and Kawaii Subculture in South Texas


Spanish Paper

1. Sabrina Marcano (SPA)

Simbolismo indi?gena durante la Revolucio?n Bolivariana




1. Brandon Bombardier (ENG)

Cycles of Violence



1. Graham Foster (ENG)

Let Me Put My Shoes On


2. Jocelyn Campos (ENG) - TIE

Body, Heart, Soul


2. Graciela Escalante (ENG) - TIE

I Wish




1. Olivia Comas Wood (ANT)

A Change of Heart


2. Kristel A. Orta-Puente (HIS)

Tamales Animales-Runway En La Calle-Spring 2019 Collection


3. Myhra Alexandra Zarate (ENG)

For Zaq


4. Jonathan Matthew Gongora (COM) - TIE





1. Susana Lopera (AAH)


2. Elizabeth Camilletti (AAH)


3. Eric Ryberg (AAH)



3. Jonathan Stahly (AAH)




1. Paul Patinka (MUS)

Understanding the Lorelei: A Gendered, Comparative Analysis of Settings by Clara Schumann and Franz Liszt



1. Mollianne Flood (MUS)

How Music Nearly Saved Us All: Idealism and Mysticism in Late Imperial Russian Music




1. Jason Lee Judkins (PSY)

Co-authors: Brian A. Moore; Willie J. Hale, PhD; Erin Stone; Ashley Welsh; Sandra Morissette, PhD 

Evaluation of an Activity-based Approach to Training Psychological Hardiness


2. Michelle Carpenter (ANT)

Stable Isotope Analysis at the La Playa Site, Sonora, Mexico


3. Brittany Zaring-Hinkle (PSY)

Co-authors: Asheley Roberts; Martin Gallegos, PhD; James H. Bray, PhD 

A reexamination of Gateway Hypothesis with detachment and peer pressure


4. Shelby Samartino (ANT)

Long-term change in population demographics of three Costa Rican primates


5. Brian A. Moore (PSY)

Co-authors: Rebecca Kilgore; Brigid Wheeler; Savannah Hanson

Longitudinal Associations Between PTSD and Catastrophic Thinking



1. Joanna Fagan (PSY)

Co-author: Candice Villarreal

Self-Compassion as a Moderator for the Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Self-Harm


2. Miguel C. Gonzalez (PSY)

General Intelligence (g), ACT Scores, and Theory of Mind: Not Much More Than g


3. Jason Boan (HIS)

Co-authors: Dylan O'Hara; Sierra Rodriguez

Forced Uprooting: The Intersection of Space and Power


4. Rebecca Kilgore (PSY)

Co-authors: Brigid Wheeler; Savannah Hanson; Brian A. Moore

Evaluating different versions of the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure: Application of modern psychometric strategies


5. Victoria Elise Lopez (PSY)

Social Discounting in Current, Former, and Never Marijuana Users



1. Uchechi Nwakanma (PSY)

Co-author: Cynthia Farias

Religious Coping and Severity of Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms


2. Daisy Paredes (ANT)

Liminality and Conservation: Human-NonHuman Animal Interaction in Changing Climates


3. Eliza Parker (ANT)

Controlling the Uncontrolled: Concepts of Pollution in Online Illness Forums


4. Amber Chin (PSY)

Co-author: Michael R. Baumann, PhD

Job Stress and Perceived Team Climate as Predictors of Incivility


5. Taylor Waits (COM)

University Mission Statements and Whiteness



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