College of Liberal and Fine Arts

2018 Spring Research Conference Awards

2018 Awardees


Graduate Students

1. Zoe Rawski (ANT)

The Architecture of Performance: Monumentality, Kingship and Ritual Displays at Early Xunantunich, Belize


2. Abdul Kuba (HIS)

The Lost of Devine Birthrights of Indigenous rulers in Africa: A Case Study of Indirect Rule and Direct rule and its impact in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Chiefs in Ghana and Senegal


3. Kat Weigle (ENG)

¡Yo no se! Deafness Defined by Subtitles of Non-English Language Films


4. Gabriela Lemos (ENG)

Saudade in Literature of the Lusophone Diaspora: A Comparative Analysis of Brazilian American and Portuguese American Authors


5. Gregory Van Wagenen (PHI)

Defeating the Skeptical Hypothesis: An Application of Bertrand Russell’s Theory of Time


Undergraduate Students

1. Kayla Torres (ANT)

Narratives of Decision Making in Traditional Chinese Medicine Users


2. Alejandra Leos (ENG)

Language as Varied by Gender and Status in Mad Men


3. Daisy Paredes (ANT)

The Unarticulated Line: Human-Animal Interactions and Culture- Nature Theory


4. Maria Jose Gonzales (ANT)

Ritual Reuse of Historic Places in the Ancient Maya World: An Example from Xunantunich, Belize


5. Xiomara Martinez (ENG)

Charlotte and Emily Brontë: New Wave Evangelicals




1. Christopher Knodel (ENG)

Songs Hidden within the Shell


2. Eva Duran (ENG)

Searching for a Different Truth, No Way Out, Trigger #1, The Fear of Returning Home, One Day, Crossing Borders


2. Brandon Bombardier (ENG)

So did my Soul, that Still was Fleeing Onward



1. Samantha Ceballos (ENG)

Analuz Shrugged


1. Ben Longoria (ENG)

The Girl in White




1. Matt Gongora (Comp Sci)

A Word With an Artist


2. Olivia C. Wood (ANT)

Date Night




1. Lauren Riojas (AAH)


2. Suzanne Miller (AAH)


3. John D. Atkins (AAH)



1. Jesusa Marie Vargas (AAH)


2. Margarita R. Espinoza (AAH)


3. Magaly Cantu (AAH)




1. Paul Patinka (MUS)

Stylistic Development in the Art Song of Amy Beach


2. Jordanne Bausinger (MUS)

Brahms's Encore: The Cyclical Nature of His Op. 120 No. 1, Movement 1



1. Andrea Aguirre-Molina (MUS)

Musical Roots of the Mayan Culture in Akil, Yucatán


2. Mollianne Flood (MUS)

Mathematics and Music




1. Katherine Wainwright (PSY)

Discounting of Sexual Behavior: Psychometric Properties of a New Measure


2. Anna Penna (ANT)

The Evolution of Body Size in Strepsirhini Primates


3.Christian Sheumaker (ANT)

Traveling Down the Drainage Road at Wari Camp, Belize



1. Janelle Kohler (PSY)

Home and Away: College Transitions


2. Natasha Bribiescas (PSY)

The Influence of Machismo and Risky Sexual Cognitions and Behaviors among Latino College Men


3. Jennifer Zamudio (PSY)

Effects of Collectivism on Social Discounting



1. Amber Rodriguez (PSY)

Data Collection Methods and Social Discounting


2. Yesenia A. Yanez (PSY)

Navigating the Virtual World: the Effects of Identity Conflict on Facebook Stress


3. Charles Renshaw (PSY)

The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on the Mental Health of Low Income Community Women


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