College of Liberal and Fine Arts

2016 Spring Research Conference Awards

2016 Awardees


Graduate PhD
1. Victoria Ingalls (ANT), Social Memory in Maya Hinterland Communities: Recent Excavations at San Lorenzo, Belize
2. Zoe Rawski (ANT), Power and Performance: Investigations of an Ancient Maya Monumental Platform

Graduate Master’s
1. Kat Weigle (ENG), Countering Rhetorical Disability: The Visual Rhetoric of Project Semicolon
2.Vincent Martinez (PHI), The Virtue Underlying Magnanimity: Reconceiving Aristotle's Crowning Virtue
3. Marissa Del Toro (ART), Contesting Categories: The Multidimensional Identity and Universal Themes in the Art of Peruvian Japanese artist, Tilsa Tsuchiya and Mexican Zapotec artist, Francisco Toledo

1. Heather Rodriguez (HIS), Islam in Early America
2. Michael McDonald (HIS), World War II Comic Books: Popular Culture, Propaganda, and Racism
3. Estefania Lopez (COM), The immigration debate across Hispanic social networks. The case of Jorge Ramos and his political advocacy on behalf of the undocumented migrants.


1. Christopher Guzman (ENG), Like Listening to Harvest 
2. Rachel Sengele, 11th & Congress
3. Eva Duran, Crossing Borders

1. Sonie Johnson, Boyright



1. Vianney Lopez (ART), “ Meat ”
2. Jordan Mkwanazi (COM), UTSA Black Lives Matter Cypher



1. Verena Gaudy, Zeitgeist
2. Hiromi Stringer, Umeyama’s Report: The Sacred Red and White AND Drawing of Labels of Umeyama’s Report : The Sacred Red and White (Diptych)
3. John Atkins, Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

1. Elyse Grams, What Is//What Could Be
2. Katherine Cadena, One Day You’ll See
3. Sharon Gilpin, The human Eggsample


1. Anna Mullinaux
2. Victoria Folks


1. Megan Crabtree, Just Me, My Selfies and I: Development of a Measure of Self-Presentation Strategies in the Context of Social Media
2. Tiffany Berzins, Comparing the influence of social networks and social media on personal attitudes toward Flu vaccines
3. Janet Bennett, Comfort or Affiliation? Behavioral Preferences Following Pain, Failure, Thwarted Belongingness


1. Lisa Oakes, Promiscuity or Positive Traits? Investigating Effects of a Visible Tattoo on Impressions of Women
2. Emma Altgelt, Effects of Alcohol and Fertility on Women's Sexual Decision Making
3. Danny Wang, Effects of gender and generational status on cortisol awakening

1. Brittany Edwards (PSY), Perceptions of Attractiveness and Body Image Among College-Aged Black American Women
2. Arthur Hutchinson (PSY), Differences between smokers and non-smokers on mental health
3. Tania Siddiqi (ANT), The Migration of Muslim Women from India to Pakistan during Partition

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