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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Spring Research Conference

The Spring Research Conference offers graduate and undergraduate students pursuing majors in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts the opportunity to present their original work in a forum of interested and critically engaged minds that is at the same time welcoming and inclusive. It is an excellent chance to practice public speaking and presentation for those who will enter academic fields or careers where these skills are required.

The one-day event includes sections for research papers, posters, creative writing, art, and musical performance and concludes with an awards ceremony where outstanding contributions in all categories are recognized.

The 2015 Spring Research Conference took place on Thursday, March 19th, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the University Center.

2015 Awardees


1. Erica Valle (HIS), “‘This Man Is Your Friend:’ Chinese Media Portrayals during WWII”
2. Megan E. Nieto (ENG), The Americanization of the Latina/o Diet
3. Matt Arendt (HIS), “The Advancing Hosts of Liberty”: Origins of the Republican Party

1. Lizandra Santillan (ENG), Paper Tongues: Metafiction as a New Language in Postcolonial Literature
2. Devon Johnson (ENG), Langston Hughes: The Transnational Poet
3. Brandon Trevino (AM STUDIES), The Paradox of Hernandez v. Texas: A Critical Race Theory Analysis


1. Trudi Carter (ENG), The Burn Pit
2. Sarah Fox (ART), Surviving the Promise of Medicine: An Embodied History
3. Christopher Guzman (ENG), The Lovely, Stationary Life of Tracy Sloacum

1. Sandra Torrez Bruce (ENG - CW), Could Have Been
2. Jordan Smith (ENG), Time will Tell
3. Kendall Casas (ENG), Life at the Mountain



1. Vianney Lopez (ART), Human
2. Kendall Casas (ENG), Information Man
3. Travis Fowler (COM), The Last Woman on Earth



1. Alyssa Danna, Destined, but Never Meant to Last
2. Kallie Pfeiffer, Carving to Zen
3. Jason Eric Gonzales, (Tsk) Mira, It’s a Space Ship

1. Mary Wuest, It’s Fate
2. Alan Serna, Santiago y los Tastoanes
3. Mariah Acevedo, Glare


1. Heather Stagg, Chopin's Ballade Op. 23 - The Invisible Narrative
2. Pamela Fischer, Robert Muczynski’s Six Preludes, Pedagogical or Advanced Pieces
3. Rachel Hicks, Feminine Sound?: An Exploration of Lori Laitman’s The Sunflowers

1. Stefan Greenfield-Casas, Through the Woods: a contextual analysis of Bozza’s En Forêt
2. Ashley Lucero, Beede Lane


1. Emily Lloyd (ANT), Cheek pouch use in wild Sanje mangabeys, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania
2. Willie Hale (PSY), Self-monitoring and Authenticity: A more complex relationship than previously thought
3. Lydia E. O. Light (ANT), Flowers or figs: Dietary choices in wild white-handed gibbons


1. Jessica Perrotte (PSY), Gender, Depression, Language Preference, and Risky Behavior in Mexican/Mexican-Americans
2. Joshua Brunsman (PSY), The Effect of Context in a Focal Prospective Memory Task
3. Randi Wooding (M. in MUS), Perception of Non-Vibrato Sung Tones

1. Nigelle Cochran (ENG), Acoustic Analysis of Vowels in Cape Girardeau, Missouri: A Case Study
2. Bryan Dimler (PSY), Reinforcement Schedule Effects on Craving during a Contingency Management Trial
3. Danielle Chapa (PSY), Body Ideals Among Mexican-American and Anglo-American College Aged Men and Women


Past Awardees

Conference Video