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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Strategic Plan

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) comprises 11 departments in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences: Anthropology; Art and Art History; Communication; English; History; Modern Languages; Music; Philosophy and Classics; Political Science and Geography; Psychology; and Sociology.

COLFA is a highly diverse and complex organization. The disciplines are often vastly different from one another and run the gamut from social sciences, which approach the hard sciences in involving federal and state research funding and research labs, to literature, humanities, and the arts. The two arts departments, Art and Art History and Music, are themselves very complex, with continuous public programming, galleries and theatres, light industrial facilities for creative production, intensive (and expensive) student recruiting; these two departments, in essence, function at the level of schools.

COLFA is a central component of the academic mission. It offers 20 undergraduate and 12 graduate degrees, including 2 PhDs. This college produces one-third of all UTSA semester credit hours. It supplies the majority of courses in the Core Curriculum as well as state-mandated courses in History and Political Science. Virtually every UTSA graduate takes multiple COLFA courses. COLFA has over 6,000 undergraduate majors in its disciplines served by 166 TT faculty and approximately 200 NTT faculty, and is therefore the largest UTSA College.

Mission Statement

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts will meet the needs of the diverse population of Texas through our quality research and creative work, exemplary teaching, and professional contributions to the community.

Vision Statement

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts will become an internationally recognized college of liberal and fine arts providing the core intellectual experience that prepares students for their role as responsible citizens.

Core Values

Access and Excellence


Goal 1.1: Promote Significant Program Growth and Development at the Master’s and Doctoral Level.

Goal 1.2: Promote Growth of Student Educational Experience with the Global Environment.

Goal 1.3: Develop a COLFA Signature Experience for Undergraduate Students.

Goal 1.4: Develop Capacity in New Media and Computer Applications across the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Goal 2.1: Create Excellence in Cross-cultural Communication.

Goal 2.2: Make the College a Center of Excellence in the Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health.

Goal 3.1: Insure that Curricula and Class Schedules Present Optimal Pathways for Student Progress.

Goal 3.2: Offer Scholarships.

Goal 4.1: Make the College a Center of Excellence in the Arts and Humanities.

Goal 5.1: Increase Sponsored Academic Research Activities and Opportunities.

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