General Treatments (Entries 1-12)

Editions (Entries 13-24)

Manuscripts and Texts (Entries 25-35)

Canon, Apocrypha, and Lost Works (Entries 36-41)

Bibliographies (Entries 42-47)

Dictionaries (Entries 48-53)

Contemporary Social Conditions (Entries 54-63)

Biography (Entries 64-77)

The Persona (Entries 78-86)

Audience and Oral Recitation (Entries 87-95)

Language--General (Entries 96-106)

Language--Lexicon (Entries 107-11)

Prosody (Entries 112-30)

Style and Rhetoric, Including Ironic Technique (Entries 131-51)

Poetic Self-consciousness and Narrative Technique (Entries 152-62)

Prose Technique (Entries 163-64)

Classical and Late-Classical Literary Relations (Entries 165-74)

Medieval Latin Literary Relations (Entries 175-78)

Continental Literary Relations (Entries 179-88)

Contemporary English Literary Relations (Entries 189-92)

Literary Influence and Reputation (Entries 193-204)

Philosophy and Religion (Entries 205-14)

Science, Including Astrology (Entries 215-24)

Imagery, Iconography, and Mythography (Entries 225-31)

Love, Courtly and Otherwise (Entries 232-38)

Feminism and Anti-feminism (Entries 239-41)

Honor, Chivalry, and Gentilesse (Entries 242-46)

Thematic Studies (Entries 247-50)


Canterbury Tales--General (Entries 251-261)

CT-Evolution and Order (Entries 262-275)

CT-Style, Rhetoric, and Imagery (Entries 276-92)

CT-Frame and Structure (Entries 293-302)

CT-Pilgrimage (Entries 303-06)

CT-Genres, Including Fabliaux (Entries 307-16)

CT-Moral Vision (Entries 317-22)

CT-Marriage Argument (Entries 323-28)

CT-General Prologue (Entries 329-42)

CT-The Host (Entries 343-47)

CT-Names and Number of Pilgrims, and Pilgrims without Tales (Entries 348-52)

CT-The Knight and his Tale (Entries 353-75)

CT-The Miller and his Tale (Entries 376-88)

CT-The Reeve and his Tale (Entries 389-99)

CT-The Cook and his Tale (Entry 400)

CT-The Man of Law and his Tale (Entries 401-18)

CT-The Wife of Bath and her Tale (Entries 419-54)

CT-The Friar and his Tale (Entries 455-64)

CT-The Summoner and his Tale (Entries 465-74)

CT-The Clerk and his Tale (Entries 475-97)

CT-The Merchant and his Tale (Entries 498-523)

CT-The Squire and his Tale (Entries 524-31)

CT-The Franklin and his Tale (Entries 532-55)

CT-The Physician and his Tale (Entries 556-69)

CT-The Pardoner and his Tale (Entries 570-91)

CT-The Shipman and his Tale (Entries 592-600)

CT-The Prioress and her Tale (Entries 601-11)

CT-The Tale of Sir Thopas (Entries 612-17)

CT-The Tale of Melibee (Entries 618-24)

CT-The Monk and his Tale (Entries 625-31)

CT-The Nun's Priest and his Tale (Entries 632-51)

CT-The Second Nun and her Tale (Entries 652-59)

CT-The Canon's Yeoman and his Tale (Entries 660-65)

CT-The Manciple and his Tale (Entries 666-73)

CT-The Parson and his Tale (Entries (674-83)

CT-The Retraction (Entries 684-88)


Troilus and Criseyde--Critical Tradition (Entries 689-90)

TC-Textual Issues (Entries 691-93)

TC-Sources and Literary Relations (Entries 694-705)

TC-Style and Imagery (Entries 706-722)

TC-Structure and Genre (Entries 723-740)

TC-Philosophy and Moral Vision (Entries 741-53)

TC-Love, Sex and Marriage (Entries 754-61)

TC-Criseyde (Entries 762-75)

TC-Troilus (Entries 776-84)

TC-Pandarus (Entries 785-90)

TC-Minor Characters (Entries 791-94)

TC-The Narrator (Entries 795-97)

TC-The Ending (Entries 798-805)


Dream Poems (Entries 806-12)

Book of the Duchess (Entries 813-45)

Parliament of Fowls (Entries 846-66)

House of Fame (Entries 867-86)

Legend of Good Women (Entries 887-901)


Short Poems, Lyrics, and Lyrical Technique (Entries 902-22)


Boece (Entry 923)

Treatise on the Astrolabe (Entry 924)

Equatorie of the Planets